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Open Air Gas Cylinder Storage Shipping Containers

Port Shipping Containers has been converting and constructing modified shipping containers for the mining and construction industries for many years now, and we are extremely experienced in the storage requirements that these industries require. As a result, we have a range of dangerous goods containers and explosive magazines designed to help ensure the safety of your worksite and your workers, including shipping container gas cylinder storage, built specifically for the open air storage of gas cylinders.

The Australian Standards AS 4332-1995 for the storage and handling of gas cylinders states that all gas cylinder stores shall be provided with adequate ventilation at all times.  Our shipping container gas cylinder storage container has all the features of our standard 20 foot Dangerous Goods container, with additional modifications to suit gas cylinders or any other products that require complete ventilation.

Features include side walls fitted with non-spark mesh framed panels, removable non-spark mesh flooring, a lockable non-spark personnel door with emergency exit safety handle, a range of shelving options, two whirlybirds and all plates and signage. A bunded floor with drainage outlet allows the unit to be easily maintained.

Of course the container is completely transportable between work sites, as required.

Features of Our Gas Cylinder Storage

  • All appropriate plates and signage
  • 3mm checker plate steel floor
  • 300mm bunded floor with drainage outlet
  • Removable non-spark mesh flooring on DG floor frame
  • 2 x whirly birds
  • Side walls fitted with non-spark mesh framed panels
  • Fabricated lockable non-spark personnel door
  • Emergency exit safety handle fitted on container door
  • A range of shelving options

Customised Gas Cylinder Containers Also Available

We can also customise your gas cylinder or dangerous goods containers to suit your specific situation if you require. So if you have a special gas cylinder requirement or other dangerous goods that need to be housed, please feel  free to give us a call on 1300 957 709 to discuss how we can help you.

High Quality Shipping Containers, Built to Australian Standards

Here at Port Shipping Containers, we are experienced in all the regulations that need to be adhered to when storing dangerous goods, explosives or gas cylinders, and we have the biggest modification facility in Australia. Our dangerous and hazardous goods containers are modified in Australia in accordance with the Australian Standards and you can be sure your gas cylinder storage container will be of the highest quality and safety.

Don’t risk it. Stay safe and get your gas cylinder storage from the experts at Port Shipping Containers.

Don’t risk your business or the safety of your workers. At Port Shipping Containers, we are experienced in all the elements required to construct high quality gas cylinder storages that will meet Australian standards and help keep your worksite and your workers safe. To get a quote on our gas cylinder storage containers, fill in the quote form and we’ll send you a price guide. Or you can simply give us a call on 1300 957 709 and we can arrange everything for you.

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