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Shipping Container Dimensions

Shipping container dimension can seem a really complicated and confusing subject to the layperson. But in reality, working out what shipping container dimension you need for your company’s transportation or storage requirements, is actually a lot more straight forward than you might think.

Standard Container Sizes

In the world of container sales and hire, standard shipping containers come in 10ft, 20ft and 40 foot sizes. And if you’re working in an industry (like mining, construction, energy, etc) where 40 foot containers might not be big enough; you can super-size your order by adding additional containers (either side by side, or stacked) with the use of our very own, industry leading ‘Port Joining Kits’.

All our shipping containers are water, wind and vermin proof, come with 270 degree opening doors and are build from solid structural steel. They are also transportable, which means your storage container (no matter what dimension), can be transported to almost any location you need. And of course they come with a 30 day money back guarantee, so you can always shop with complete confidence.

For more information about the various shipping container dimensions available for sale or for hire, call on 1300 957 709 or else fill out your details below to receive a free no-obligation instant online quote.

Shipping Container Dimensions for Sale and Hire

Specifications10' Container20' Container40' Container
Inside Cubic Capacity14.5 m333.2 m367m3
Max Gross WeightNon pay load30.480 kg30.480 kg
Tare Weight1.500 kg2.360 kg3.980 kg

10' External3.10 m (10')2.44 m (8')2.59 m (8' 6'')
10' Internal2.98 m2.35 m2.38 m
20' External6.05 m (20')2.44 m (8')2.59 m (8' 6'')
20' Internal5.90 m2.35 m2.38 m
40' External12.19 m (40')2.44 m (8')2.59 m (8' 6'')
40' Internal12.01 m2.35 m2.38 m
Door size2.34 m2.28 m