Modified Container – Special Projects

Modified Container – Special Projects really are the idea way to make your business stand out from the crowd.

When Port Shipping Containers started out, we were a two man shop hiring out shipping containers, and selling used ones. Over the years, the business expanded into shipping modifications as well. An extra door here, a window or two there, insulation, ventilation, a paint job, new flooring. As word spread and customers asked for bigger and better modifications, the company became more experienced in customising containers – particularly for industries like mining and construction which had specific requirements. These included portable accommodation and ablution blocks, site offices, first aid rooms, switch rooms, dangerous goods containers, explosive magazines, confined space training containers, lunch rooms and more. Adding a range of standard accessories that people could choose from made small modifications even easier.

These kind of modifications were just the beginning of course. As time moved on, customers made it known to us that they wanted more than just a site office or switch room. They wanted something that would make a splash, have an effect, and really stand out from the crowd. In other words they wanted a custom-designed, one-of-a-kind modified container masterpiece. And we were happy to come to the party. Doing things a little differently, and creating something unique is the fun part of our job, and our talented engineers and fabricators are always willing to rise to the challenge. And thousands of converted shipping containers and over ten years later, it is safe to say that Port are now Australia’s leading experts in the complex task of modifying a container!

We Can Modify Your Container Exactly the Way You Want

Sometimes our customers have a very clear idea of what they want, meticulously documented and thought out. Others have just a vague idea…not even written down on the back of the napkin. Others have a problem that needs solving. While others have little more than a great idea…but no idea where to begin to bring the idea to life.

Fortunately, here at Port Shipping Containers, we know the best place to start is with your idea. And working together we help fan this flame of an idea into life. With a spectacular engineering and design team behind you, your you will see your vision become a reality.

Will it bring in customers once realised? Absolutely. Will it add to your business? Most definitely. It might even become a star on Youtube or Instagram (people love a good design piece)! And shipping containers are all the rage right now, as a quick internet search will show. Plus, our engineers love a challenge, and they will sit down with you and work out the best way to make your container idea a spectacular reality.

Your ideas combined with our expertise and experience? Now that’s a beautiful thing!

Got an Idea for a Container Special Project? Call Us Now.

If you have an idea for a special project, you’ve definitely come to the right place. Port Shipping Containers has one of the biggest container modification facility in Australia, and we’ve helped to create some really impressive shipping container conversions. Our clients include the Australian Defence Force, councils, government departments, small businesses, big businesses, and individuals too. We are 100% Australian owned, and our modified containers are all created in Australia. Plus they come with a money back guarantee – so you’re covered there as well.

Need inspiration? Want to see some of our work? Take a look at just a few of the projects we’ve helped to create below.

Latest Project – Container Stage

Southern Cross Austereo arranged for Port Shipping Containers to design and construct a portable stage for their radio station ‘Hit107’ in Adelaide to use for their Laneway Gigs.  “We were looking for more than standard staging and a marquee which is generally used for these type of events,” says Integration Director Jodie Cairns. “We can broadcast live from it and also have the acts perform on top of it.” The events were all held  in the CBD and featured Jessica Mauboy, Dean Ray, Timmy Trumpet & Savage, Generik, Yolanda Be Cool, Mashd N Kutcher and Vance Joy.  The stage elevation was the perfect height for guests to see the performance, and the container stage has many more benefits than just a traditional stage. ”It gives us instant branding, it looks great and gives us an area for storage in the Laneway where there is generally none,” said Jodie.
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Re-compression Chamber

A containerised recompression chamber to treat deep sea divers.
Port Container Services was contracted by Cowan Manufacturing Pty Ltd to design and construct a heavily modified container to house there specialised Recompression Chamber. “We have designed and manufactured a number of these systems for Navy and the Police where they need a chamber to treat their divers and support their dive team, but it will be on different sites and most times there are no facilities available for the chamber.” says Managing Director Bob Cowan. “This containerised chamber has all of the equipment inside ready to go so they can transfer the chamber to the site and within one hour can be operational.” So why build these units inside a shipping container? Our containers are robust and secure. They can be on the site and the whole system can be moved away from the danger area when in use. The container was fully insulated and featured a steel wall partition, double side opening doors with weatherproof canvas canopy and removable floor panels, air conditioner, louvered vents, signage, vinyl flooring and electrical fit out.
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Display Containers

An ensemble of modified containers joined to showcase the customers products. Built for Australia’s only glass manufacture, Viridian, we constructed four heavily modified containers that interlinked to create a collaborative display piece.
“The containers are an interactive walk through that provides window fabricators, builders, industry associations such as the Building & Design Association (BDA) and consumers the ability to see and feel how light plays a part of the overall design criteria on a house or room” said Marketing Coordinator Kim Bonilla “and it delivers consumers with the life, comfort and security only better windows can offer”.
The detail to the trim work on the freshly painted gyprock walls make the interior of the containers look like you’re inside a modern house. The doors and windows look out onto a light filled central garden, perfect for showcasing the client’s product with a calm and relaxing composition. So why did the client choose to use containers for their display piece? “The advantage of using containers was the fact that they are transportable and can be relocated with relative ease.
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DEWALT Display Container

Stanley Black & Decker asked Port Shipping Containers to design and construct a display container which could be used as a demonstration container for DeWalt Power Tools. They wanted to be able to transport it to trade fairs and exhibitions like Melbourne’s unique Moomba Festival. Customers could select a power tool from the display wall inside the container and test it out on a fixed timber demonstration wall – who doesn’t love trying out a new power tool? The container was built from a 20 foot High Cube Container and featured a range of accessories, including an insulated roof with LED oyster lights, an internal steel partition with flush fit steel personnel access door, checkered plate flooring, secure roller doors, and even an internal staircase with a roof access hatch. The roof of the container was converted into a viewing platform with a webforge flooring and safety hand rails. The container was painted internally and externally with the distinctive De Walt colours and branded with their custom signage.
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‘Six Shooter’ Container Coffee Shop

Does your business have a car park where you could install a funky pop-up café? Port Shipping Containers can help you make the most of it with a specially converted shipping container café. The Six Shooter – High Calibre Coffee cafe container is situated in Menai, in Sydney’s south. Featuring a funky industrial saloon theme, the container has an internal servery bench, barn style side opening doors, stainless sink, order counter with hinged bench, servery window, wash basin, 25L hot water system, insulated roof and electrical fit out. Owners Nick and Tracey Galanomatis wanted a point of difference from your standard coffee shop, and they’ve definitely got that! “This is something unique from other coffee shops,” they say. “It has that real ‘wow’ factor, something that we can brand when the business expands.” This is another benefit of a pop-up container shop.  It’s modular, so it can be expanded, and it’s moveable, so it can be transported wherever you like. And it’s a real talking point as well.
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Mobile Accommodation with Hydraulic Deck

This is like a motor home on steroids! Locked onto a custom built trailer for easy transportation, it features 4 portable bedrooms in one shipping container, ready to move at a moment’s notice. Each room is fitted with a single bed, fridge, storage cabinet and air conditioning. A lunch room, kitchen and dining area, and separate bathroom and laundry area is also included. Plus there’s a hydraulic deck with fold up railings attached to the front of the container, that can be raised during transport (every motor home should have a deck!). The electrical fit out can be powered either by mains, or the 20Kva diesel generator mounted at the end of the unit. Sliding ramps giving easy access to the container tuck away when not in use. Need a portable accommodation solution? Give Port Shipping Containers a call on 1300 957 709.
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Tough Mudder Media Center Container

The competition is tough – and so is this media centre!  This one was designed by Port Shipping Containers for Tough Mudder events being held around the country. Built from a 20 foot High Cube shipping container, the fit out features two internally mounted 50″ screens on each side wall and four 50″ screens mounted in the external compartment so contestants can check out their times and see photos from the event. The roof is lined and fitted with commercial grade LED lights, and the flooring features aluminium checker-plate. The inside was painted black, and the outside features army camouflage. Two hydraulic decks are covered by remote controlled retractable awnings built into the structure for easy transport and stacking. Look out for the container the next time you’re challenging yourself at a Tough Mudder event!

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Pop-Up Container Shop

With a Port Shipping Containers pop-up retail shop container, you can follow the crowds and start trading immediately. This pop-up container was used by Maitland Council at their yearly ‘Taste’ event as a makeshift bar called The Hunter and the Hare. Fully insulated, it includes a lockable servery window, fold down deck, work bench with kitchen sink, flush fit personnel door with deadlock and waterproof floor with floor waste outlet. These compact containers are perfect for restaurants, cafes and bars, but they’re also ideal for pop-up retail outlets featuring goods like clothing, shoes, accessories, homewares, and arts & crafts. A big advantage of these units is that they are extremely secure and have the ability of being transported from site to site. Choose from three standard 10′, 20′ and 40′ container sizes and start selling!

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The Ultimate Workshop

Here at Port Shipping Containers we love our workshops! We’ve been developing and creating workshops from way back, but this modification is really something special. It features two sets of bi-fold doors that run along each side of the container. When opened, four heavy duty dropdown work benches can be lowered and locked in place. It also has an industrial grade drill press and grinder mounted inside the container, plus two vices that swivel out and lock into the floor. A secure storage enclosure with a cage door allows valuable equipment to be stored while the workshops doors are open and heavy duty shelving and a peg board give extra space and utility. The container also features a pitched roof with electric awnings that extend and retract at the push of a button. Want a workshop like this? Of course you do! Give us a call and see what kind of workshop we can create for you.

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Computer Server Room

Building portable switch rooms and server rooms is a big part of our business, and at Port Shipping Containers we’ve been designing and constructing custom built switch rooms for our customers for many years. This server room holds sensitive computer equipment, and needed to be settled on site, ready for immediate use. The container needs to be kept at a steady temperature, so it is lined with 50mm sandwich panel insulation, has a raised floating floor, and is cooled by two high powered Hitachi air conditioners. These measures ensure that the container will be able to endure both extremely high and extremely low temperatures and allow the equipment to run at its optimum performance level. A specially-engineered removable roof locks to the corner casts of the container. Need a switch room to protect computer equipment? Give us a call and see how we can help you.

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Container Retreat

If you love spending time in Australia’s rugged and beautiful bushland, you’ll love this secluded mountain biking  retreat. Designed by architect Drew Heath and converted by Port Shipping Containers, The ‘Container Retreat’ features a hydraulic deck, rustic kitchen, dining area, bedroom and bathroom all set under a large roof with rolling walls that enclose the open areas between the containers.  Water tanks and solar panels have also been also installed to collect water from the roof and power the site. Its rustic style and relaxed charm combined with its utility and security makes it a retreat to enjoy and admire.  (Images – photographed by Brett Boardman)

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Total Work Site Solution

Providing worksite solutions is our specialty, and we have a huge range of containers that cater to specific industries like the mining and construction industries. Port Shipping Containers were contracted to develop a completely transportable base of operations for one of Australia’s largest mining companies. Site offices, board rooms, shower and toilet blocks, lunch rooms, workshops and storage containers were all housed under two custom-made container shelters that could be moved to the new site when required. Need a whole worksite in a hurry? Let us fix it all up for you. If you’re interested in a work site like the above, we can design and construct a solution to your specifications.

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Gas Cylinder Storage Container

At Port Shipping Containers, we are experienced in the construction of Dangerous Goods storage container to suit Australian Standards. This container has all the features of our standard 20 foot Dangerous Goods unit, with a few further modifications. The Gas Cylinder Storage unit is designed for securely storing gas cylinders and other dangerous or hazardous goods that require complete ventilation. The side walls have been replaced with non-spark mesh panels for maximum air flow while a personnel door allows for easy access. A bunded floor with drainage outlet ensures the unit can be easily maintained. We can custom design a gas cylinder storage container to your specifications – just give us a call. For more information on our Gas Cylinder Storage Containers click on the link below or call us directly on 1300 957 709.

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Branded Modified Container

A modified container that serves a function is one thing. A modified container that serves a function AND serves as an advertising billboard or brand builder for your company is a win-win situation that all companies should take advantage of. At Port Shipping Containers, not only do we specialise in high quality modified shipping container products, we’re also experts at branding them with your corporate identity. This 20 foot insulated container is used as a combined site room and lunch room, and includes two fixed desks with chairs, storage cupboards for personnel use, a window with security shutters, a steel personnel door, a heavy duty workbench, vinyl flooring, split system air-conditioning, and a kitchen hutch with bar fridge, microwave  and stereo. It was custom spray painted, and then finished off with matching signage. This is a great way to market your company both when the container is on site, and while it’s being transported in between sites.

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Staff Room With Fold-up Ramps

This staff room was custom- designed and constructed by Port Shipping Containers to suit the specific needs of a client. The container was fully lined with 50mm sandwich panel insulation, and an air conditioner was installed to keep employees comfortable in the hot and remote region it was situated in. The outside of the container features  an external wash trough with inset lighting, and two fold-down ramps for ease of access. On the inside, one half of the container acts as a lunch room complete with a kitchenette, hot water, sink, bench seats and tables. A steel internal partition divides the other half of the container where a toilet and sink is fitted. The container has a 10,000 litre bund built into the floor of the modified container to store waste. A practical, comfortable and functional staff room, it’s also completely transportable.

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Remote Ablution Unit

If you’re working in remote conditions, you still need toilets, right? Right! Port Shipping Containers was contracted to design and build an ablution unit that could run without being connected to power or water services. This remote ablution block includes a toilet cubicle, urinal, sink, and electrical fitout with timed push button switches to conserve power.  The container is powered with a 1kw solar power system which also has battery storage facilities. A steel wall partition divides a second area that houses a 2000 litre water tank and pump that provides water to the amenities. It’s a clever, neat and portable solution that helps solve a particularly tricky problem!

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Container Bar

A quick look around the internet will show you that pop-up shipping container bars and restaurants are all the rage right now. The Depot in Newcastle are right across this! They contracted Port Container to custom build both their restaurant bars out of shipping containers to complement their industrial theme. The innovative and distinctive bar is just one of many great reasons to visit. Their amazing food, fabulous cocktails and great atmosphere make The Depot one of the best dining experiences in Newcastle. Make sure you visit – and admire our custom-built expertise at the same time.

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Got a Special Project to Create? Then Talk to Port!

If you have a grand plan for a custom built shipping container, give us a call on 1300 957 709 and see how we can turn it into a reality. Our modifications team will talk you through the services we provide and help out with any questions you may have. Alternatively, click on the below quote button and we can organise a quote for you based on your specific needs.

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