If you are looking for 20ft shipping containers for sale, contact us for the best available prices! Whether you need new or used, we have a wide range of 20 foot shipping containers for sale or hire. By dealing directly with us – the manufacturers – you can be assured of quality products and the best possible prices. Contact our expert team for professional and friendly assistance.

We have top quality 20ft shipping containers for sale at affordable prices.

If you want to buy a shipping container, deal with your leading local supplier trusted by major shipping lines. We manufacture, hire out, and sell 10 foot, 20 foot, and 40 foot shipping containers.

All our shipping containers are made from quality Corten steel, ensuring they are durable in the long term. All our shipping containers comply with international shipping regulations. As such, they are designed for efficient intermodal transport. Our shipping containers are suitable for transport via ocean, road or rail.

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20ft Shipping Containers For Sale

There are many different types of 20 ft containers from which you can choose.

At Port Shipping Containers, we manufacture three types of standard shipping containers. All three of these are available in 20 foot options:

  • General purpose shipping containers
  • High cube shipping containers
  • Side opening shipping containers

These standard shipping containers are the most versatile, and therefore popular, options.

If you are looking for a 20ft shipping container to store goods, our standard shipping containers are the ideal storage solution. They are water and vermin proof and incredibly secure. You can always use a lock box for additional security. Contact us for a FREE quote, or request a quote online.

We also have a wide range of specialised and modified 20ft shipping containers for sale.

Our specialised 20ft shipping containers for sale include the following options:

  • gantry shipping containers (We can install gantry units in general purpose, high cube, and side opening shipping containers.)
  • bulker shipping containers (for sugar, salt, and grains)
  • open top half height shipping containers (for bulk materials used in the mining and construction industries)
  • open top shipping containers (for very bulky and heavy goods)
  • bolster shipping containers (This is a type of flat rack shipping container used for very bulky, large, and awkwardly shaped loads.)
  • flat rack shipping containers (We manufacture the following options: 20 foot flat rack, 20 foot fixed end and 20 foot collapsible end flat rack containers.)
  • refrigerated shipping containers (for goods that require constant refrigeration)
  • insulated shipping containers (for goods that require a steady lower temperature, but not refrigeration)
  • dangerous goods shipping containers (to protect, secure, and contain potentially hazardous materials)

Our team is adept at a wide range of shipping container modifications. We have a range of ready-modified containers, and will also undertake custom modification projects.

As you can see, we have many 20ft shipping containers for sale! No matter what you would like to transport or store, we will have the ideal shipping container for your needs. We provide quality solutions at incredibly affordable prices. You can contact us for assistance or click here for a free online quote.

We will deliver your shipping container directly to your site.

In addition to providing the best prices for shipping containers, we will also deliver them directly to your property. Because we have depots throughout Australia, we will be able to dispatch your container almost immediately.

Our delivery team will ensure that your container is shipped, delivered, and offloaded efficiently and safely. We have the specialised equipment to make this process as smooth and safe as possible. This includes tilt tray vehicles, crane trucks, as well as side loader trailers.

Contact us for robust 20ft shipping containers for sale at the best prices!