3 Shipping Container Pool Design Ideas

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3 Shipping Container Pool Design Ideas

Ultra chic and eco-friendly, shipping container pools are becoming a popular and practical trend for Australia’s backyards. These 3 Shipping container pool design ideas utilise the use of new or repurposed steel shipping containers to build swimming pools are making the idea of having a backyard pool to cool off in that much more appealing.

Known for our backyard barbeques and endless sunshine, pools have been a part of Australian culture for years. A shipping container pool costs a fraction of the price of traditional pools, are much gentler on the environment, and they offer endless design possibilities. With 1.2 million households owning a swimming pool today and 90 percent of owners believing their backyard aquatic escape increases their home’s value don’t be the one to miss out.

Interested in adding one of these trendy pools to your backyard? Here are some ideas to inspire your backyard design:

3 Shipping Container Pool Design IdeasShipping Container Pool Windows

Enhance the visual interest and fun of your pool with a built-in window. Unlike the standard fibreglass inner shell of traditional pools, a shipping container pool is constructed from pure steel, which means it’s possible to cut out a viewing window in the pool’s shell. Swimmers can see out and everyone else can see in.

This feature creates a modern aesthetic that will wow your guests and will make swimming even more fun. At Port Shipping Containers, we can install three different window sizes in your container pool to give you the look you want.

Timber Decking

Create an organic look with wood. You can use timber decking around the shipping container pool, timber steps, or even have wood built over the steel container to create a very natural, seamless appearance. Depending on the style of your home and your backyard landscaping, opting for different materials around your shipping container pool, such as wood, as well as other options like stone, can unify the look of your pool with your home’s aesthetic.

Multiple Containers

Choose an above-ground single-container pool, or combine multiple containers to make your aquatic vision come to life. You can use more than one container to build a longer lap pool, a dynamic shape or create a pool and spa combo. Consider other special features to use around your pool, such as a fountain, an area for shade plants, or use another container to build an outdoor playhouse for the kids.

With shipping containers, the architectural possibilities are infinite. And, with a lower price point than that of other types of pools, you’ll have more money to spend on making your backyard container pool into the ultimate outdoor area for you and your family.