40ft Mobile Mining Workshop Container

This special 40′ Mobile Workshop was built for a well-known mining business in Western Australia. The 40′ New Build High Cube Container’s main feature is the hydraulic stairs allowing for easy access in and out while being mobile and permanently on the back of a truck to get around the mine easily.

This fully painted, fully insulated (both crib and workshop areas) workshop features partition with sliding PA door, lunch tables, double bench seats, a kitchenette & sink w/cold water plumbing, bar fridge and freezer. Also comfortably fitted out with air conditioning, vinyl flooring, electrical, lighting and much more. Take a look at the video of this Workshop Container below.

40ft Mobile Workshop Features

Additionally, the workshop has been fitted with a 6m heavy duty work bench & shelf, light-weight workbench with drawers, and lock up cages with shelving. Accessibility is easy from different sides with a slimline roller door and fold-out stair case on one side, and a hydraulically operated staircase at the main end. Safety features include an eyewash station & wash basin and external fold up workbench. This mobile workshop has many other features making it very practical and suited to the conditions of mining sites.

Custom Shipping Container Workshops built to your needs

If you like the look of the above Container Workshop but would like something tailored to your needs then give us a call. We can have many other accessories to customise an tailor to your needs.  At Port we can build Container Workshops out of 10ft, 20ft and 40ft shipping containers, at competitive prices. As we design and modify our containers at our own factories and not over seas like our competitors, we can get you your customised shipping container workshop in fast turn-around times. We deliver Australia wide using a range of transport options available to suit your location. For more information please call our friendly sales team on 1300 957 709 or visit our workshop page here.

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