40ft Flat Rack Shipping Container Sale

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40ft Flat Rack Shipping Container Sale

40ft Flat Rack Shipping Container Sale

We have a number of 40ft (12m) Flat Rack Containers with collapsible ends with our 40ft Flat Rack Shipping Container Sale. These containers have been modified with there end walls removed so oversized cargo can be stored or transported. The corner posts remain and can be collapsed down beside the floor of the flat rack. These units are sold ‘as is’ and can be delivered Australia wide – please call 1300 957 709 for a transport quote.


40ft Flat Rack Shipping Container Sale – PRICED TO CLEAR

Call our Port Shipping Containers Sales Department on 1300 957 709 to place your order. 

Further discounts available for purchasing multiple units!
The below specifications are an approximate and does not take into consideration the modifications that have been done.


Length 12,192 mm

Width 2,438 mm

Height 2,591 mm

Bed height 647 mm


Length between end panels 11,980 mm

Side access 11,684 mm

Length between headers 11,984 mm

Supported width 2,378 mm

Cargo width between corner posts 2,230 mm

Cargo height 1,960 mm

Folded height 647 mm

(4 units per 8’6″ bundle)

Cubic capacity 56.7 m3


Maximum gross weight 45,000 kg to 52,500 kg (depending on unit)

Tare weight 4,900 kg to 4,900 kg (depending on unit)

Net Load 40,000 kg to 47,000 kg (depending on unit)