We manufacture a wide range of quality shipping container ablution blocks Australia. Our ablution units provide practical and hygienic facilities. It’s an easy, quick, and affordable solution; we will even deliver the modified containers to your site.

We design and manufacture a wide range of shipping container ablution blocks Australia.

We make quality container ablution blocks in a range of sizes. You can therefore select the size and type of toilet ablution block that you require. Shipping containers come in three standard lengths: 10 feet, 20 feet, and 40 feet.

  • A 10 foot container can be modified into a simple portable toilet facility. This typically includes a single toilet, urinal, and basin.
  • Many people choose a 20 foot modified container. We divide the container in half, creating two partitioned facilities with separate doors. Thus, you can have both male and female ablution facilities in one shipping container.
  • A 40 foot containers enables you to create an ablution unit with toilets, a shower block, and changerooms.

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We also manufacture custom shipping container ablution blocks Australia.

Shipping containers are strong, sturdy, and incredibly robust. All our shipping container ablution blocks feature:

  • a solid Corten steel structure
  • timber flooring
  • standard double doors
  • personnel entry door
  • fully painted interior and exterior
  • wind and water proof
  • vermin proof

Shipping containers are empty shells, which opens up a world of options. This means that you can specify which fittings you would like us to install in your modified container.

You can choose one of three options: one of our pre-designed ablution blocks as is, a pre-designed ablution block with a few modifications, or a custom unit that is designed for your specific requirements. We will design, manufacture, and deliver exactly what you need.

In terms of ablution units, the available fittings include:

ablution block external

  • toilets
  • urinals
  • wash basins
  • showers
  • change rooms
  • benches
  • lockers
  • mirrors
  • paper towel dispensers
  • soap dispensers
  • wall partitions
  • vinyl flooring
  • exhaust fans
  • whirlybird roof ventilators
  • air vents
  • windows
  • doors

A comprehensive list of all our shipping container accessories is available here.

Contact our expert team to discuss which options you are looking for.

We have designed remote area ablution blocks Australia that don’t require water or power services.

Hygienic ablution facilities used to be challenge on remote sites, or plots that were awaiting power and water supplies to be installed. However, our design team is always ready to tackle a challenge and provide a practical and affordable solution. We have a world class container modification centre that allows for all kinds of custom projects.

Our remote area ablution blocks enable you to have practical and hygienic facilities on sites that don’t have water or power supply. Contact us to order this convenient, hygienic, and affordable solution.

You can use our ablution blocks for many purposes, from mines to music festivals.

The Work Health Safety Act stipulates that you have to supply workers with proper toilet and bathroom facilities. Our range of modified shipping containers, including our ablution blocks, have long been in use on many mining and construction sites.

They are robust, hygienic, and portable. Once you have completed a project, you can easily move all your facilities to the next site. However, these portable ablution facilities are not just useful in the mining and construction sectors.

The agricultural sector has also benefited from using these ablution blocks on farms. Holiday destinations that are off the beaten track also use these ablution units. They are perfect for sites such as caravan parks, camping spots, remote beaches, rain forest sites, and more.

Our ablution blocks Australia are the answer for those needing temporary or portable units.

If you are hosting an event, this is an affordable way to provide proper toilet facilities. Music festivals, sporting events, outdoor markets and all kinds of other events require proper ablution facilities for a short period of time. Shipping container ablution blocks are ideal! If you are organising a musical or cultural event that will take place at several locations, portable facilities are the answer for your tour.

We manufacture quality ablution blocks so your employees, guests, athletes, and visitors have access to hygienic facilities.

Whether you have a construction company or are hosting an art exhibition, you need to make sure that you have thought of everything. Contact our team to find out about all the portable buildings we create from robust shipping containers. From offices to accommodation, we will design, manufacture, and deliver affordable solutions.