Shipping containers typically have at least one set of double doors. However, additional double doors for shipping containers can be installed, and the shipping containers available for rent or hire from Port Shipping Containers are no exception.

Have Easy Access To Your Shipping Container With Additional Double Doors

At Port Shipping Containers, we understand how important all of your items are to you. If you go through the trouble of storing your items, you should have easy access to them when you need it. This is one significant benefit of having an additional set of double doors on your shipping container. You won’t have to worry about digging through all of your items to get that one certain item that is way in the back of your storage shipping container. You’ll just open the additional double doors on your shipping container.

Easy Modifications With Additional Double Doors For Shipping Containers

If you purchase a shipping container from Port Shipping Containers and you intend to modify it and turn it into a work or living space, additional double doors give you more freedom and flexibility. This is especially true if you plan to use several shipping containers and join them into one large living or working area.

Perhaps you plan to open up a side of the container and replace it with glass to let more light in. Removing the additional set of double doors is much less time-consuming and labour intensive than cutting out a solid steel wall. This extra opening also gives you more freedom to move your containers around at a whim instead of committing to one design and being stuck because you don’t want to cut out a bunch of extra openings.

Maybe your kids want a new place to play. If you have doors on both ends of the shipping container, it’s easier for your kids to run in and out as they please. You won’t have to worry about them getting locked in or stuck as much as you would with only one set of doors.

Get Your Shipping Container With Additional Double Doors Today

Do you want a shipping container with additional doors? Perhaps you’re curious as to what other optional accessories are available. Either way, our friendly and professional staff are ready to help. Give us a call at 1300 957 709 today and we’ll help you find the perfect shipping container to suit your needs!