Construction, mining and excavation businesses across Australia are using ultra-durable steel shipping containers to facilitate their operations for everything from on-site training facilities to the storage of expensive mining equipment. From safe, secure storage to budget-friendly, versatile worksite buildings, containers have become the go-to solution for heavy industry. If you’re looking for brand new shipping containers for sale to meet the unique needs of your worksite, you’ll find what you need at Port Shipping Containers Ltd.

Here, you’ll find the largest range of sizes of brand new shipping containers for sale, from local depots all across Australia and expert guidance to help you get the right shipping containers for your project. Below are all the ways you can use our new steel containers to make your worksite safer, more efficient and more appealing to your workers, whether you need to store mining equipment, workshop machinery, hazardous materials, or anything else.

Uses for Shipping Containers on Heavy Industry Worksites

Because they are resilient to wind, water and vermin, whilst also being totally secure, our shipping containers for sale offer the perfect material for a variety of on-site needs, including:

Site offices:  Enjoy a comfortable, air-conditioned and insulated shipping container office that can be moved from one site to the next when a project is finished. This will help your business save money, with no need for closing up and re-establishing an office with each project.

Lunch and accommodation units: Especially for remote mining projects, having fitted-out, modular accommodation and dining buildings can make living on-site temporarily more efficient and comfortable for workers.

Heavy duty storage: From dangerous goods to gas cylinder storage and explosive magazines, with new shipping containers that have been built to Australian safety standards, you’ll have the safe, secure storage your industry requires.

Workshops: For housing small machinery, tools and a workshop space, the super strong steel construction and adaptability of shipping containers makes it easy and affordable to have mobile workshops on site. 

Brand New Shipping Containers For Sale – Tailored to Your Business

The key advantage of shipping containers on top of the strength and reliability and the fact that your container can easily be relocated, is that they can be tailored to your business worksite needs. Our brand new shipping containers for sale can be ventilated, insulated, fitted with appropriate plumbing and electricity. They can include security windows, built-in shelving and anything else necessary to equip your construction, mining or other heavy industry project.

At Port Shipping Containers Ltd, our brand new shipping containers for sale cover every need, we can also customise your shipping containers in whatever way you require. Get in touch with us to learn more about our brand new shipping containers for sale, specially designed and built for your industry.