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A modified container that serves a function is one thing. A modified container that serves a function AND serves as an advertising billboard or brand builder for your company is a win-win situation that all companies should take advantage of. At Port Shipping Containers, not only do we specialise in high quality modified shipping container products, we’re also experts at branding them with your corporate identity. This 20 foot insulated container is used as a combined site room and lunch room, and includes two fixed desks with chairs, storage cupboards for personnel use, a window with security shutters, a steel personnel door, a heavy duty workbench, vinyl flooring, split system air-conditioning, and a kitchen hutch with bar fridge, microwave  and stereo. It was custom spray painted, and then finished off with matching signage. This is a great way to market your company both when the container is on site, and while it’s being transported in between sites.

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