Thanks to Port Shipping Containers, buying shipping containers in Australia has never been easier. We supply quality shipping containers, at affordable prices, throughout the country. Contact us for swift and professional service.

How to go about buying shipping containers in Australia for the cheapest prices…

With most things, you can save money by buying direct. And that is certainly the case for shipping containers. Buying directly from Port Shipping Containers will allow you to take advantage of our cheaper prices. And this applies, whether you are buying just one container or many.

Buying direct is also the quickest option to get a quality shipping container.

We have a wide range of new and used shipping containers that are available for purchase. In addition, we also manufacture a range of pre-modified containers for mining, construction, and other industries. Many of our containers can be dispatched in as little as 24 hours.

We will deliver your order to your property, offload the containers, and position them exactly where you need them.

This is not only the easiest option, but the safest one for you too! Shipping containers are built to be sturdy and robust. This means that they are large, heavy, and unwieldy to maneuver into position. Allow our experienced team to handle that for you!

No matter what type of shipping container you are looking for, contact Port Shipping Containers for quality containers at affordable prices! It’s a great way to support a local Australian company and get friendly and efficient service too.