Port Shipping Containers have been building Container Toilet Blocks from shipping containers for over a decade. They are not only portable but are extremely robust due to the structure of the shipping container compare to traditional portable toilets. Previously, we built our Ablution Blocks with one external entry door that lead into the individual toilet and shower stalls once inside the shipping container. This new design gives each stall their own external entry door giving you more space and privacy.

We can build these units out of 10ft, 20ft or 40ft containers. We can also build them in custom sizes to suit your application if need be. Whatever size container you decide to use, our Container Toilet Blocks can be configured to suit your requirements. Whether you need toilets, showers, urinals, disables amenities or a combination of all or some of these options, it’s not a problem. We design and construct our Container Toilet Blocks based on our clients needs. These units are perfect for mining and construction sites, holiday parks, sports clubs, festivals and more.

The Container Toilet Blocks seen in the video have standard plumbing connections that can be connect derectly to your sewage inlet. We can also design these to have an internal sump installed for waste collection if being used on a remote site that does not have a sewage connection. This would be recommend for Container Toilet Blocks that are moving from site to site, such as festivals or construction sites.

Want to know more about our Container Toilet Blocks?

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