When it comes to shipping containers and paint, the customisation options are limited only by your imagination. Custom painted shipping containers from Port Shipping Containers can instantly change the whole look and feel of the container, and you can turn it into virtually anything you’d like.

Port Shipping Containers offers a variety of custom painted shipping containers with 10, 20 and 40-foot options. You can also purchase new, used and modified shipping containers that we’ll design and customise to your exact specifications.

Get The Look You Want With Custom Painted Shipping Containers

Are you looking for a modern and sleek office extension? A shipping container with a custom paint job can do that for you effortlessly. It’ll look professional and ready to go as soon as you get your custom paint applied. If you’re going to attach it straight on to your existing building, using custom paint to match your building’s colours can make this extension look like it was an original part of the building.

Make Your Custom Shipping Container Stand Out With A Pop Of Colour

Do you want to create the perfect oasis for your new business? If so, nothing will attract customers quite like a bold and custom paint colour scheme. You can go bright and bold so that it catches your potential customers’ eyes, or you can do darker colours that are more traditional. If you have a theme, make your paint colours match it. The possibilities are virtually endless with custom paint for your shipping container and it’s easy to switch from one colour to the next!

Perhaps you work from home or in the design industry and you want your shipping container from Port Shipping Containers to showcase your design talent. Custom paint for your shipping container is an easy and quick way to accomplish this goal. You can mix and match colours and patterns to create something truly unique.

People are hardwired to remember images and colours, and taking advantage of this is a fun and engaging way to give your business a boost. No matter if your business is a cafe, bistro, or home office that you want to inject more personality into, or simply if you want a place where you can go to unwind, custom painted shipping containers are an excellent way to accomplish both of these goals.

If you’re interested in buying or hiring a shipping container from Port Shipping Containers, or if you have questions about custom paint, contact us. You can give us a call at 1300 957 709 today!