Built to Load 44 Gallon Dangerous Goods Container Drums with Ease!

This 40ft Dangerous Goods Container was built for ExxonMobil to be sent to one of there supply stations in Papua New Guinea. Built from a 40ft side opening shipping container, they also required a way to load and store 44 gallon drums of oil safely and easily. We custom designed and constructed a transverse gantry system that could extend past the end wall doors of the container and lift and move the barrels inside. The barrels can easily be positioned to sit on the storage racks made to store and secure them for transport if required.

Port Shipping Containers can build you a dangerous goods container in a variety of sizes including 10ft, 20ft and 40ft units (like the above). They are built to Australian standards and can be fitted with a range  of optional accessories to make loading your cargo easier. If you have hazardous materials at your worksite it is required that they are stored securely to ensure the staff and others are safe visiting your site. We have a range of Dangerous Goods containers available to store hazardous materials of all classes. We build these units to order and are available for delivery Australia wide. For more information please call our sales department, one of our friendly staff will be able to help you with your enquiry and give you a quote including transport over the phone.

The bunded floor was covered with a spark free meshing so any spillage can fall into the subfloor and be easily emptied with the installed safety release valve.

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