At Port Shipping Containers we use sturdy shipping containers to create a wide range of demountable buildings Australia. Shipping containers are incredibly robust and versatile. Therefore, we are able to use modular building techniques to create a range of quality portable buildings.

Many industries have long taken advantage of the benefits of transportable buildings. Not only do our demountable buildings Australia have a lower environmental impact, but they are incredibly versatile, convenient, and cost effective too. If you are looking for the best portable building solution, contact the team at Port Shipping Containers to discuss what you need.

We have demountable buildings Australia for sale and hire.

Over the years, we have supplied demountable buildings to several Australian industries. The agricultural, construction, and mining industries in particular benefit from transportable facilities that can be quickly and easily moved from site to site.

Our extensive experience has inspired a standard range of modified shipping containers that are available immediately. This means it is quick, easy, and cost-effective to set up an entire site with all the facilities you need to ensure your project can start promptly. At the end of the project, it is simply a case of loading the portable facilities on tilt tray vehicles and transporting them to the next project site.

Port Shipping Containers manufactures a standard range of demountable buildings Australia.

Our range of modified shipping containers includes:

  • shipping container cafes
  • shipping container kitchens
  • shipping container site offices
  • shipping container accommodation units
  • shipping container lunch rooms
  • shipping container training facilities
  • shipping container switch rooms
  • shipping container ablution blocks (toilet blocks)
  • shipping container first aid rooms
  • shipping container workshops

Whether you would like to purchase demountable buildings Australia or are looking for portable building hire, contact the team at Port Shipping Containers. We supply top quality steel framed facilities at affordable prices.

Our creative team also creates custom portable buildings made to your specifications.

Shipping containers are increasingly being used for a wide range of purposes and projects. We have created a wide range of portable buildings for all sorts of things. Just some of these include:

  • shipping container bars
  • project offices
  • shipping container restaurants
  • shipping container exhibition spaces
  • shipping container pop up boutiques
  • shipping container studios

You just need to include a portable office or two and some portable toilets, and you have everything you need to host a temporary music festival, artisanal craft market, and all kinds of other events. Contact Port Shipping Containers to enquire about our dismountable buildings Australia.

Australian home-owners are also taking advantage of the benefits our portable buildings have to offer.

A modified shipping container is a great way to add additional space to your residential property without having to jump through the hoops of acquiring planning permission. Customers have used our portable facilities for a wide range of uses.

A shipping container is a great way to gain additional space for a workshop, studio, or even storage on your property. It is incredibly cost-effective with none of the commitment and cost involved in building a permanent addition to your home. And many of our dismountable buildings Australia can be dispatched in as little as 24 hours!

Our shipping container accommodation units are also incredibly popular with Australian homeowners. It is an affordable way to gain a flatlet in your garden for grandparents or other family members. We have several standard designs for modified shipping containers that include a bedroom and bathroom. It’s a great way to give your teens a space of their own and a sense of independence. If you would benefit from some additional income, you can also use one of these designs to create comfy Bed and Breakfast facilities on your property or a garden cottage to provide monthly rental income.

Take advantage of all the benefits that our demountable buildings Australia have to offer.

Many of our demountable buildings Australia are available immediately and can be dispatched within as little as 24 hours. We have depots throughout Australia, making delivery quick and easy. Our team will deliver your demountable buildings Australia to your site, and ensure that they are safely offloaded and positioned where you need them to be. This means that you are not required to hire any equipment to put your modified shipping containers in place. Port Shipping Containers will take care of everything for you.

For top quality demountable buildings Australia, contact the expert team at Port Shipping Containers.