Port Shipping Containers has designed a range of specialised gantry containers Australia. Our team designed these specialised gantry containers especially for heavy industries – including the mining and construction sectors – that need to load and unload heavy goods. If you need to ship or store heavy items, contact us to enquire about our innovative gantry shipping containers.

Loading or unloading heavy items is now a one person operation with our gantry containers Australia.

Our gantry containers Australia mean that you can load or unload heavy goods without needing a forklift, trolley jack, or other heavy lifting equipment. Transporting or storing heavy equipment in shipping containers is now easy and efficient. Heavy items can be delivered next to the gantry container and as soon as the items are delivered, they are ready to be loaded. There is no need for an onsite forklift or any other heavy lifting equipment. It makes the loading and unloading of heavy items far quicker, safer. It is incredibly efficient in terms of time, equipment, and labour. And that can only benefit your business!

Our innovative design is a shipping container that incorporates a built-in gantry crane.

It is the equivalent of having an overhead crane attached to the roof of a shipping container. The gantry system is designed for multi-axis operation with an overhead bridge. Incredibly, our gantry containers Australia have a 1 tonne lifting capacity. It is an innovative design brought to you by our experienced team who have extensive industry expertise.

It has never been quicker or easier to load and unload heavy cargo!

The arm of the gantry crane is extended so that it is beyond the edge or side of the container. A block and tackle pulley system is used to lift the heavy items or cargo. The gantry arm is then pulled back into the container, manoevered into position, and the items are then lowered into the container by the pulley system. This gantry crane system in our gantry containers Australia can be easily and safely operated by one person.

You can now order gantry containers Australia that are built according to your specific needs.

All you need to do is contact the team at Port Shipping Containers. We design and manufacture quality gantry containers for a wide range of industries.

We manufacture gantry containers Australia from 10 foot, 20 foot, and 40 foot shipping container sizes. All our gantry shipping containers are fully engineered and certified.

For the 20 foot and 40 foot shipping containers, we can install our gantry crane units on any of our standard shipping containers. These include general purpose shipping containers, high cube shipping containers, as well as side opening shipping containers. Our side opening gantry containers are particularly useful as they provide the most access when loading heavy items into the container.

Our gantry containers can even be HAZMAT certified if necessary for your industry.

If required, our team can retrofit our gantry containers for the storage of hazardous or even explosive materials. This is particularly useful for the mining and construction industries who frequently need to transport and store heavy or hazardous goods.

Our team can convert our gantry containers into dangerous good containers for the storage of Class 3 Dangerous Goods (Flammable Liquids). The gantry crane is especially useful when it comes to lifting large barrels of flammable liquids. Our team can add drum racks to our gantry containers easy and safe storage.

You can even add optional extras to our gantry crane shipping containers!

The standard features on our gantry crane shipping containers include:

  • Available in a range of sizes (10 foot, 20 foot, or 40 foot)
  • Available on standard shipping containers, high cube shipping containers, or side opening shipping containers
  • Moveable gantry crane with a 1 tonne rated lifting capacity
  • Fully engineered and certified
  • Can be retro-fitted to comply with regulations for dangerous goods or explosive materials storage

Our gantry containers Australia can also be fitted with optional extras including:

  • vents and whirlybirds
  • shelving
  • drum racks
  • recessed tie down points in the floor of the shipping container

If you require a customised gantry crane shipping container, please contact our team to discuss your requirements. We will be only too happy to manufacture a custom gantry shipping container that meets your exact specifications and requirements.

Our gantry containers Australia meet the regulated Australian Standards.

Purchasing a substandard shipping container poses a risk to the cargo, your business, and – most importantly – the health and safety of your staff and clients. Ensure you only purchase a top quality specialised container from local industry experts like Port Shipping Containers.

Contact the team at Port Shipping Containers for innovative and top quality gantry containers Australia.