With all of the shipping container options available, you may wonder how heavy is a larger 40ft container? The dimensions and weight are extremely important things to know because you have to make sure that everything complies with your local council’s regulations, and also aligns with your own needs. Let’s take a look at exactly how much these units weigh.

All of the containers at Port Shipping Containers are made from durable and weather-resistant metal. This includes the walls, doors and framework. While this adds to the durability of the container as a whole, it also directly impacts how heavy the container is.

40-Foot Shipping Container Dimensions

Generally speaking, our 40-foot standard containers have a maximum gross weight of 30,480 kg. The 40-foot container itself has a weight of 3,980 kg, unladen. This won’t be a huge factor if you plan to place your container in one spot and leave it there, providing that your property is able to handle such weight. However, moving or transporting the container is where you can run into problems due to the weight and size.

The external size of one of our 40-foot shipping containers is 12.19 metres long by 2.44 meters wide by 2.59 meters high. This makes them bulky and more difficult to move, transport or shift around without the proper, professional-grade equipment.

Generally speaking, our 40-foot shipping container range are great for hauling a lot of items at once, moving from point A to point B via approved hauling methods. But they’re not that practical if you have agile storage aims. You need a skilled operator with a specialised truck to lift the containers, so it’s not so simple to just pick up and move on a whim.

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