Want to know how to hire a shipping container to help your personal or business storage or transportation needs?

Here’s the thing – it’s easier than you think. And more affordable than most people realise. At Port Shipping Containers, you can hire a high-quality used shipping container for less than three dollars a day. Here’s what you should know to get the most out of your container hire in Australia.

People across the board, from individuals to small businesses and big industry are turning to shipping containers to fill in the gaps for space, storage, and transport needs. From extra room for cold storage for your business through to making your move to a new city more affordable, shipping containers are a cost-effective solution anyone can use. And you can hire a shipping container from as little as $5 a day…
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Container Material and Condition

Most shipping containers are made from a special type of weathering, corrosion-resistant steel. This is a durable steel that can stand up well to the elements without showing excessive signs of wear. It’s used for steel containers, bridges, and building facades.

When deciding where to hire a shipping container from, don’t be afraid to ask about the condition and material. All repurposed shipping containers are at least gently used. But they will can be in excellent condition – tested, freshly painted, and in great working order. You may want to make sure you are getting corrosion-proof steel and to also ask about the quality when you hire a container.

Container Size and Type

Shipping containers come in different sizes. Depending on your needs, you may want to hire a larger container or you may only need a smaller size. We have both 20-foot and 40-foot steel containers available for hire.

You also want to choose between three different types of shipping container for hire:

  • General Purpose Containers – These containers are excellent for a variety of uses such as residential removals and self-storage
  • High Cube Containers – Cube containers offer more vertical space, making them a great option for when you need to pack, store or move a large amount of items safely
  • Refrigerated Containers – Work well for businesses who need temporary cold storage

Steps for a Seamless Shipping Container Delivery

When you hire a shipping container, Port will likely deliver it directly to you. Before delivery, make sure you have a clear, flat space for the container – you want it to be placed on level ground so the doors can open and close properly.

If there are any obstructions, such as power lines or overhanging tree that may be in the way, make sure you let your shipping container supplier know ahead of time.

Once it arrives, do a quick inspection for damages. Also, make sure all the security features work and you know how to operate all door and locks, and the cooling system in the case of a refrigerated container.

Call the friendly team at Port Shipping Containers today for any questions you have about how to hire a shipping container. With a huge stock available, we can make sure you get the right size and type for your needs and will make sure your experience hiring a shipping container is as hassle-free as possible.