If you have to ship perishable products from one city to another or from one country to another you cannot use the regular shipping containers. You need to make use of special type of shipping containers, you need to use refrigerated shipping containers. Using refrigerated shipping containers you will be able to transport flowers, fish, meat, vegetables, fruits, dairy products, medicines and any other product that needs to be in controlled temperature even when they are transported from one place to another.

Know Your Goods’ Refrigeration Requirements

When you are selecting your refrigerated shipping containers you cannot blindly choose any refrigerated container. You will have to first know what type of products you will be shipping in these containers. Your decision has to be made only based on the nature of the products that you need to ship. So never rush to choose your refrigerated shipping containers because hasty decisions can render your shipping container useless despite spending a lot of money. You need to have detailed specifications on the nature of the products that you will be transporting and the temperature conditions that are to be maintained while shipping your goods. Random decisions will therefore not help you here.

Two Types of Refrigerated Shipping Containers

Once you have the specifications on the refrigeration levels required, you need to decide on the size of the container based on the volume of goods that you need to ship each time. When you are searching for refrigerated shipping containers you will come across two types of containers – one is with automatic temperature control and the other is with manual temperature control. The cost of automatic refrigerated shipping containers will be on the higher end when compared to shipping containers with manual temperature control. So your choice here would depend on your budget and your specific requirements. Go for automatic refrigerated shipping containers only when it is an absolute necessity. Most of the goods transported including perishable food items will not require automatic temperature control except for certain items.

Buying refrigerated shipping container is not as simple as buying your regular shipping containers. With ordinary shipping containers you just need to know the size you need and your budget to make your selection but with refrigerated shipping containers you need to have detailed shipping specifications of the products that you want to ship.

Buy Used Refrigerated Shipping Containers

You can also buy used refrigerated shipping containers to keep the expenses low and if you should go for used shipping containers make sure that you select your dealers carefully so that you do not get shipping containers with functional problems. In this case you need to depend on your vendor fully on the condition of the shipping container and if your vendor is not a reputed and trustworthy dealer then you are very likely to be deceived. Pay attention to your supplier and their reputation before you order your refrigerated shipping containers whether used or new. As this involves a heavy investment, you need to tread cautiously to get the best value for your money.

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