Port Shipping Containers is the first name in intermodal shipping container sales in Australia for a number of reasons. We are renowned for our friendly and professional staff, who make it their professional mission to reward each and every one of our valued customers with exactly what they are looking for in an intermodal shipping container, even if they themselves don’t know what that is yet. But despite the pride we take in customer service, the real reason we are industry leaders is the sheer number and variety of intermodal shipping containers for sale we have at our disposal.

We live in an exciting time for innovation, and the shipping container industry is no exception. As each new advance in intermodal container technology comes along, Port Shipping Containers is right there at the forefront, with an industry leading research and development team working to perfect and better our already stellar product offering.

Intermodal Containers

Port Shipping Containers have even anticipated the trend in converting used intermodal containers into housing and have developed and manufactured a range of domestic intermodal containers for sale. And how can you go past functional and affordable housing that fits of the back of a truck!

Used Intermodal Containers

The upshot of us staying abreast of new developments in the container industry is that our customers always win! As the new intermodal containers in stock mean we are constantly clearing out older models, and so have incredible bargains in new and used intermodal containers for sale. And with next day delivery available in most locations, getting your hands on an intermodal shipping container has never been easier!

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