Built to train staff with live fire rescue scenarios

This ‘Mod of the Month’ consisted of three modified 20ft shipping containers, joined together to create a training facility built for the Rural Fire Service. Labelled as ‘The Hot House’ they intend to use this unit to train there staff with ‘Live’ fire scenarios as there is a large fire pit built into the lower level. With multiple entry points including access hatches built into the web-forge platforms on the roof, windows with shutters, internal & external staircases and heavy duty doors. The interior and exterior surfaces are coated in heat proof paint in jet black for low visibility training.

This is just one of many Confined Space Training Units we have built out of shipping containers. We can design and construct a Training Container to suit your requirements or you can choose from a range of designs we already have constructed. We have a large range of optional accessories available to increase the functionality of your training unit including abseil beams, pitched roofs, smoke machine inlets, internal partitions and more.

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Finance Options Available

If you want to purchase a Modified Container but don’t have the funds to pay for it upfront then that’s fine. We can arrange Finance for you for both Business or Personal contracts. For more information please speak to one of our friendly sales assistants.

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