Sturdy, sustainable, and offering tremendous design flexibility for creative builders, the shipping container architecture trend continues to spread throughout Australia. One of the latest noteworthy builds is a minimalist shipping container retreat built along the Great Ocean Road route, nearby the Wye River.

One of the appeals of building with used shipping containers is that it’s possible to achieve a luxury abode, high-end shop or restaurant, or other premium structure, without a huge budget. We’ve worked with customers in a variety of industries, creating custom modification projects for entertainment businesses, cafes and bars, art centres, workshops, retreats and more, and know just how dynamic the range is when you start with the humble steel container.

This affordable versatility opens up a sea of possibilities for design and build practices like Melbourne’s Studio Edwards, who created this eco hillside retreat. The builders at Studio Edwards converted three steel shipping containers into a modern weekend retreat overlooking the Otway Coast. Nestled in the tall trees of coast’s hillside, the structure offers visitors a unique nature-inspired getaway that combines a luxe style with a gentle green footprint.

Used Shipping Container Retreat Supports Australia’s Desire for Sustainable Holidays

The shipping container retreat was designed to have minimal impact on the hillside vegetation, making it an eco-friendly option for green-minded travellers. Even the roof is covered with vegetation for added insulation and to help the retreat blend into the scenery.

Two of the 6-metre long containers are used to form a spacious living room and kitchen, which includes a wood-burner, minimalist furniture, and marine-grade plywood walls and built-in features. The third was converted into two bedrooms, along with the shower and toilet. Large windows constructed into the shipping container walls provide gorgeous views of the ocean below whilst a custom-built deck area offers an inviting outdoor living space.

Inspiring a More Earth-Friendly Lifestyle

This new shipping container retreat on the Great Ocean Road is just one more of many brilliantly designed holiday destinations. They are popping up across the country, from Perth to Sydney as more and more people realise what can be done with used shipping containers.

At Port Shipping Containers, we have the largest range of shipping containers for sale and hire in Australia for your next project, whether you are looking to build accommodation, a backyard pool, or use a container for your business needs. Having modified countless containers, we also excel at getting all the details right to create a bespoke finished product. Contact us today to learn more about the possibilities of building with shipping containers.