Why Choose a New 10ft Shipping Container

Compact and affordable, new 10ft shipping containers are some of the most popular standard shipping containers available. You can find them in use in a wide variety of capacities across the commercial and domestic sectors, and we have a large stock available for hire or purchase.

Benefits of a New 10-Foot Shipping Container

There are several benefits that come with buying a new 10-foot shipping container, and we’ve picked out the biggest benefits below.

  • Portability – The compact size makes these 10-foot shipping containers very easy to move from one location for another. Even if you only have a small trailer and forklift, you’re able to move it without needing a team of people and a fleet of heavy equipment.
  • Cost-Effective – Whether you plan to use your 10ft shipping container for storage or to open a small kiosk, it’s a cost-effective option that can last for years. You may pay a little more upfront for it, but this eliminates the need to pay for monthly storage or miscellaneous fees.
  • Durability – 10ft shipping containers have durable steel walls, thick hinges and a durable frame to support it all. They’re built to withstand different weather conditions by using weathering steel, and they come with waterproof sealing.

Purchase or Hire Your New 10-Foot Shipping Container Today

Since 10-foot shipping containers are standard or generalised containers, you have the option to hire them as well as buy them. You can hire them for just a few dollars per day, and we design flexible contracts that ensure you have your new container when you need it.

We make the entire process very fast and efficient, and we have a large container stock available that allows us to get your shipping container on the way to your location quickly. Depending on where you want your container, we can even have it to you in as little as 24 hours!

Our sales team is ready to help find the perfect new 10-foot shipping container to suit your needs, and we coordinate for a fast and smooth delivery. We have several delivery methods available, and this allows us to bring your container to you, no matter what your location or property access points may be we will transport to you.

Contact Port Shipping Containers Today!

If you need a new 10ft shipping container, contact us! We’re ready to set up a purchase or hire contract, and we’ll have your new container on the way to you so you can start your project!