New Flat Rack Container

For larger and bulkier goods that don’t fit in an open top or standard shipping container, a new flat rack container is an excellent solution. They come with a flat bottom with collapsible or fixed ends that help to secure your items for transport or storage. You can also get flat rack containers with no ends.

Maybe you have pieces of heavy equipment that you need to transport to your job site. If so, you can load it up on a flat rack container and send it on the way quickly and easily. You can also stack them because the corners of the flat rack containers come with reinforcement that make them great for larger but thinner materials.

We offer 20-foot and 40-foot flat rack containers at Port Shipping Containers, and they come in platform, fixed-end and collapsible configurations. Best of all, you can purchase or hire them! If you choose to hire them, it’s just a few dollars per day. We also offer the lowest purchase prices in Australia, and we give anyone who contacts us a free, no-obligation quote.

Maybe you’re not sure which type of container you need. Our dedicated sales team are experts at matching our customers with the best flat rack to suit whatever load they want to transport. They all come with a high load capacity, even when you stack them with your wide loads.

They’re flexible enough to handle several different load types, and they’re convenient for people who routinely deal with large equipment, odd-sized loads and more. You can use them to ship your items around Australia or internationally. When you purchase or hire a container from us, you’ll get a quality intermodal container that lasts.

Our delivery process is streamlined and fast as well, and we’re experts at getting your new flat rack container to your location. We have shipping depots all around Australia, and this allows us to deliver our containers in as little as 24 hours in some cases! We’ll arrange a delivery that we tailor to your location to ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible.

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If you have bulky or large items you’d like to transfer and you need a flat rack container, contact us. We have a large stock of new flat rack containers available to go, and we can get them to you quickly and easily.