A Prep Kitchen Container built to make Beef Jerky!

We have built a few Prep Kitchens out of containers over the years but none as tasty as this one. Built out of a 20ft High Cube Container, this compact portable kitchen will be fitted with a number of industrial grade food dehydrators to make some of the best beef jerky on the market!

One of our customers was starting up their very own ‘Beef Jerky’ business and needed help with one of the major requirements – a Prep Kitchen that would conform to all the Health & Food Standards that apply in their industry.

The fully insulated container featured a personnel door with viewing window, coved vinyl flooring with stainless steel grate drain, stainless benches with splash backs, under-bench dishwasher, double mop sink with hand basin and faucet, a double door upright fridge, storage cabinet and an electrical fit out.

The client will be installing industrial grade dehydrators to make their product from the Prep Kitchen Container.
We have built Prep Kitchens for a number of customers including restaurants, schools, mining companies, holiday parks and more.

This project is a great example of the types of Business Solutions that can be built from Shipping Containers. Our modified containers are robust and secure and can be designed to meet your specific needs, so if you require a container please call us on 1300 957 709.

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