Re-compression Chamber – Cowan Manufacturing Pty Ltd

A containerised recompression chamber to treat deep sea divers.
Port Containers was contracted by Cowan Manufacturing Pty Ltd to design and construct a heavily modified container to house there specialised Recompression Chamber.

“We have designed and manufactured a number of these systems for Navy and the Police where they need a chamber to treat their divers and support their dive team, but it will be on different sites and most times there are no facilities available for the chamber.” says Managing Director Bob Cowan. “This containerised chamber has all of the equipment inside ready to go so they can transfer the chamber to the site and within one hour can be operational.”

So why build these units inside a shipping container? Our Shipping Containers are robust and secure. They can be on the site and the whole system can be moved away from the danger area when in use. The container was fully insulated and featured a steel wall partition, double side opening doors with weatherproof canvas canopy and removable floor panels, air conditioner, louvered vents, signage, vinyl flooring and electrical fit out.

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