Port Shipping Containers is a reputable supplier of just about any type of shipping container in Darwin. New or used, standard or customised, contact our team to discuss what you are looking for.

We supply top quality standard shipping containers.

If you are looking for new shipping containers to ship cargo, we have a range of solutions for you. You can rely on Port Shipping Containers to supply durable containers that are built to withstand adverse conditions.

We supply all kinds of standard storage containers in several different sizes. Additionally, we have containers that are specially designed to carry particularly bulky goods that are potentially difficult to load or unload. Insulated and refrigerated containers are also available, should you require that type of container.

In addition to new containers, we are also adept at modifying containers.

If you need a modified or upcycled container in Darwin, we are the team to trust.

Many used shipping containers are still in excellent condition. Their sturdy structure makes them the ideal ‘building block’ for a wide range of projects.

Many construction and mining sites use modified containers as offices, ablution blocks, storage facilities, etc. If you are looking for additional storage space, a used container is the ideal solution.

You can take modification one step further, and upcycle containers in more elaborate projects.

Many people are opting to use modified containers for shops, bars, and even homes.

Whether you are looking for a new or used container in Darwin, contact the team at Port Shipping. We will gladly assist you in supplying the best container for your needs.