Are you looking for shipping container hire Perth WA or elsewhere in the state? Great you’ve come to the right place! If you live or work in Perth WA, Port Shipping Containers Perth can bring a used shipping container straight to your location. Business storage, removals, transport – you name it, whatever you need for shipping containers for hire in Perth, we have a hassle-free, low-cost solution.

How Perth Uses Shipping Containers

Anyone in Perth can hire a shipping container to help with their next project. We even have lease options to make long-term use easier, a popular choice with some of the many mining and energy companies in the area.

Here are some ways that our customers in and around Perth use shipping containers for hire:

  • Storage space to help during a move, home renovation, or if you want a safe place to keep your belongings while you travel
  • Transport for businesses who want to move goods by rail or road with peace of mind
  • Storage for your company’s inventory, such as seasonal overflow – we even have refrigerated shipping containers for hire in Perth if you need to keep your goods at a low temperature
  • Worksite buildings and storage for the construction, mining, and energy industries

How We Make Hiring Your Container A Breeze

At Port Shipping Containers, we have specialised equipment that makes it possible for us to load, transport, and deliver your shipping container anywhere in Perth and surrounds. We just require some clear space, preferably with level ground, and we can make it happen.

We’ve delivered shipping containers for hire in Perth to a variety of locations and have plenty of experience with flawless offloading. So, if you have any concerns about your location, just let us know.

We also make container hire affordable for both business and our many Perth residential customers. It only costs a few dollars a day, about the same price as the coffee you bought this morning, to afford used shipping containers for hire in Perth.

Not sure which size or type of container you need? We have shipping containers for hire in Perth ranging from general purpose, high cube containers – which offer more vertical space – and refrigerated containers, all meticulously cared for by our team. If you need help picking out the right container for your needs or have any questions, call our friendly team on 1300 957 709 or contact us here.

With a massive selection of containers for sale and hire, including single-use shipping containers, and one of the most equipped modification centres in Australia, we can make whatever you need a fast, affordable reality.