Port Shipping Containers has depots throughout the country, and works with every shipping container port Australia. Whether you are looking for affordable shipping container hire or shipping containers for sale, we provide a wide range of high quality containers. Contact us for an affordable quote and superior customer service.

Our shipping containers are intermodal freight, as used in every shipping container port Australia.

When transporting goods, it is important to use high quality shipping containers. At Port Shipping Containers, we manufacture robust Corten steel containers. They are wind and water tight, and able to withstand tough weather conditions at sea. Importantly, our shipping containers are intermodal. This means that they can be easily transferred and stacked for efficient transport across sea, rail, and road. Intermodal containers make the shipping of goods quicker, cheaper, and safer.

Looking to buy a shipping container? We have a wide range, all at affordable prices.

You will see many different types of shipping containers stacked at every shipping container port Australia. Port Shipping Containers manufactures and supplies a wide range of shipping containers, so you can transport just about anything easily and securely.

Our standard shipping containers are incredibly versatile, and remain our most popular products.

We manufacture three types of standard shipping containers:

  • general purpose containers
  • high cube containers
  • side opening containers.

If a standard container isn’t suitable, we also have a wide range of specialised shipping containers.

Shipping Container Port

For cargo that has more specialised storage and transport requirements, we have a range of quality containers from which to choose:

  • bolster containers
  • bulker containers
  • dangerous goods containers
  • flat rack containers
  • gantry containers
  • half height containers
  • open top containers
  • insulated containers
  • refrigerated containers

Not sure which shipping container is best? Contact our dedicated team for expert advice and assistance.

No matter your needs, we have the right shipping container for you.

Over the years, shipping containers have been increasingly used for a wide variety of projects and purposes. Initially, containers were designed to provide an efficient form of intermodal transport. And that is what you see in action at any shipping container port Australia.

Advancements in materials and technology has meant that different types of containers are manufactured, so there is no limit to what can be transported. Whether you are going to move house or you need to deliver bulky agricultural equipment, we have a robust and affordable solution for you.

Because shipping containers are designed to be secure, robust, mobile, and wind and water tight, they are used and even upcycled for all sorts of things. Whether you need a 20 foot container to use as a portable storage facility, or a combination of 20ft and 40ft containers to create an eye-catching shipping container home, there is no limit to what can be achieved.

Port Shipping Containers also does modification and customised shipping container projects.

We manufacture a range of modified shipping containers for use on mining, construction, and agricultural sites. From accommodation to offices and switch rooms, we use shipping containers to make sturdy, mobile, and affordable facilities. These modified containers are ready-made, which means it’s quick to receive delivery and set up a complete site. And when your project is complete, it’s easy to load up and move these facilities to your next site.

If you are looking for something a little more creative, we love taking on custom container projects. From homes and swimming pools, to bars, shops, and galleries, we have experience creating a wide range of residential and commercial spaces using quality shipping containers.

Whether you want new, used, modified, or customised shipping containers, we provide it all.

With depots near every shipping container port Australia, many of our products can be delivered in as little as 24 hours. We take care of delivery and positioning your containers on site. For unbeatable prices and customer service, contact our team today!