Hosting a noisy event in an urbanised area isn’t easy. It’s for this reason that event organisers seek out Shipping Containers Sound Barriers. Reaching heights of up to 40 feet, shipping containers with sound barriers provide event organisers with a place to create as much noise as they like, without breaching local noise regulations.

By minimising the amount of noise disruption to surrounding areas, it’s also possible to:

  • Avoid antagonising residents who dislike loud music that plays late into the night
  • Exercise crowd control in a safe environment
  • Obtain a customisable space that’s ideal for loud events

Sound Barriers That Come with Flexibility

When choosing your shipping container sound barriers, you can choose between a range of access points. In addition, it’s possible to stack them to significant heights. While they won’t eliminate sounds completely, they’re ideal for a range of events;

  • Music festivals that run into anti-social hours
  • Sports events with loud crowds
  • Comedy shows with raucous crowds

After identifying where your event will take place, you can start discussing entry points for attendees to gain access. From there, each shipping container sound barrier is placed strategically to minimise the amount of noise that enters the local area.

Meeting Your Aesthetic Expectations and Logistical Challenges

As an event organiser, it’s natural to have aesthetic expectations. From branding through to signage, you’ll want to ensure your function’s look meets the crowd’s expectations. With the right approach, this is achievable. It’s possible to shape shipping container sound barriers for you to add signage and any other decor you deem necessary.

Similarly, if your event takes place in a setting with a sloping landscape, it’s natural to worry whether the barriers will fit. Fortunately, it’s possible to strategically place barriers so that they reach the desired height and width, while remaining stable on the surrounding landscape.

The Benefits of Using Shipping Container Sound Barriers

As temporary solutions to noise reduction, shipping container sound barriers are highly effective. They’re also weatherproof and ideal for a range of industries. These include:

  • Construction
  • Road works
  • Rail projects
  • Demolition
  • Oil and gas projects
  • Mining projects

With a sound barrier, there are fewer restrictions on when you can carry out your work. Also, with noise reduction comes less opposition from those who live in nearby areas. Being able to implement a temporary sound barrier may also make gaining permission for a project simpler. To find out if you could benefit from one, get in touch today.