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Shipping container trailers have been popular with the transportation industry for years, but now they’re gaining popularity for recreational applications all over Australia. They’re a cost-effective and valuable addition to a business or another property, due to the fact that you can use them for transport and storage, and you can also customise them quickly and easily.

Customise a Shipping Container Trailer with Port Shipping Containers

We take pride in being able to work with our customers to help them find the solutions to make their new shipping container trailer. Our experienced staff work hard to help our customers get the shipping container trailer that is both functional and customised to their needs.

You can pick from several different sizes when you order from us. Maybe you only need a small container trailer, or you may need a larger one. We have a range of sizes available, and we’re ready and willing to modify any size quickly and easily.

Benefits of Shipping Container Trailers

  • Heavy-Duty Design – Shipping containers are designed and manufactured to be durable and long-lasting, even in the harshest conditions Australia can throw at them. They have reinforced frames, thick steel walls, heavy doors and multiple points where you can attach or lift them. They’ll keep your items secure for as long as you use the container.
  • Multi-Use – You can use your shipping container trailer to haul or store items. They’re secure enough to act as long-term storage, and you can easily use them to transport your household goods, items or wares.
  • Weatherproof – Since these trailers come designed to withstand harsh environments, they usually have weatherproof sealants around the doors or other openings. This extra step helps to ensure that your items stay dry and intact, no matter how long you store them for.
  • Customisable – The great thing about buying a shipping container trailer is that you can quickly and easily customise your shipping container trailer it to suit your needs. Maybe you need extra storage space or compartments to store your small items. Perhaps you need shelving or counters to that allow you to work when you travel with your trailer. Either way, you can customise your trailer, any way you want.

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