At Port Shipping Containers Bunbury, innovative approaches are made to deliver containers that suit your shipping and space needs. In shipping containers past-time they were used for shipping and storage only, today we offer a variety of customisation options that allow you to create temporary offices, small living spaces, and more.

At Port Shipping Containers Bunbury we have our range of 10 foot, 20 foot and 40 foot containers available your choice is extensive.  To ensure each one is robust and fit for purpose, they also include:

  • A steel building envelope that’s weather-proof and vermin proof
  • Timber wooden flooring
  • 270-degree openings for easy storage capability
  • Double doors for ease of accessibility
  • Ramps for access

If you want to add a little more, we also provide:

  • The option to buy or hire
  • New and used containers
  • Painting inside and out
  • Additional doors
  • Ventilation and whirlybirds
  • Heavy duty shelving
  • And more

To learn more about what we can do for your business or home with our shipping containers in Bunbury, give us a call.

Turning Your Bunbury Shipping Container Ideas Into A Reality

With your ideas and our determination, we’ll make sure your shipping container dreams turn into reality. If you’re moving house, using a container may help you save money. You can hire a new or used shipping container and self-pack. Not only do you avoid some costly removal fees, you’ll also keep control of the packing process. You can stack each item in a way that reduces the risk of breakages.

Other Ways Bunbury Residents Can Use Our Shipping Containers Include:

  • Create a home office in your garden
  • Gain extra space for a gym, studio, or play room
  • Build a guest house for when friends and family come to stay

If you know what you want but you’re not sure where to start, give the Shipping Containers Bunbury team a call.

We Work With Bunbury Businesses Too

Whether you need a temporary office or you want to take a novel approach to advertising, our shipping containers are ideal for you. Using our painting services, you can impose your branding on the container’s exterior and turn it into a portable billboard. Doing this is especially useful for visiting trade shows, as the container also doubles up as a storage space.

Other Business Ideas For Our Bunbury Shipping Containers Include:

  • Create a pop-up store
  • Make a portable cafe
  • Use one as an office when you’re starting a new venture

At Port Shipping Containers Bunbury, we’re keen to help make your business more profitable. To find out more about pricing and logistics, get in touch with us through our quote form or call us on 1300 957 709.