Port Shipping Containers has a wide range of shipping containers for sale and hire Australia. Whether you are looking for shipping container sales or shipping container rentals, you will certainly get a much better deal by dealing with our team directly. We supply strong, robust containers at affordable prices. Contact our friendly team for a free quote!

We make sure we only provide high quality shipping containers for sale and hire Australia.

In addition to being assured of a competitive and affordable price, another advantage of dealing directly with our expert team is knowing that you will undoubtedly be supplied with a top quality shipping container. Whether you want to buy a new or used container, or are rather needing shipping container rentals, our experienced team will only supply quality products that meet the highest industry standards. Trust the experts for durable shipping containers for sale and hire Australia!

Our shipping containers for sale and hire are all incredibly strong and robust.

At Port Shipping Containers, we supply top quality shipping containers manufactured from corten steel. Because containers need to be able to withstand tough weather conditions at sea, they are both wind and watertight. In addition to water tightness, another important quality is that our shipping containers are vermin proof. This provides further protection for the contents of your shipping container. Get superior protection for your goods with safe and secure shipping containers for sale and hire Australia.

What type of shipping container is best?

Essentially, this comes down to the purpose for which your shipping container is intended. If you need to transport goods, then you need to use a cargo worthy shipping container that is both wind and water tight. We have an extensive range of shipping containers for sale and hire Australia. If you are unsure which type to opt for, it’s best to contact our team for expert advice. We are here to help you choose the best shipping container for your needs.

Our standard shipping containers are versatile and very popular.

Whether it’s for storage or transportation, our standard shipping containers are the most popular option. They all have a simple yet sturdy design, making them incredibly robust and therefore suitable for shipping, storage, or as the base for modified container projects.

The most common container is the general purpose shipping container. These containers comply with international shipping standards in terms of dimensions, and are available in three different lengths: 10ft 20ft and 40ft. These are the shipping containers you typically see stacked in ports and aboard cargo ships. They are definitely the most popular of our shipping containers for sale and hire Australia.

For goods that are slightly taller, a high cube shipping container offers an extra foot in height. Although the weight capacity of these containers is not higher than general purpose containers, the additional volume can be very useful. Although a foot might not seem like much, it adds significant volume when you consider the length of these containers. High cube shipping containers are available as both 20ft and 40ft shipping containers.

The third type of standard container is our side opening shipping containers. In addition to the standard doors at the end of the container, side opening containers have a set of heavy duty bi-fold double doors on the one side. This allows for easier access to the contents of the container, and makes it easier for a forklift to be driven in and out a container. We have standard 20 ft side opening shipping containers for sale and hire Australia, although a 40ft option can be manufactured on request.

In addition to our standard containers, we also have a range of specialised shipping containers for sale and hire Australia.

If a standard shipping container is not suitable for what you are wanting to transport or store, then it’s time to look at more specialised containers. Whether you are wanting to rent or buy a shipping container, these specialised containers are very useful for transporting and storing large, bulky, and/or heavy cargo.

If your goods need the use of a crane to be placed in, or removed from, a shipping container then an open top shipping container is ideal. Despite common misconceptions, this type of shipping container is not intended for very tall items, as open top containers are closed with a metal roof or tarpaulin for the duration of transit. They are only open when a crane is loading or unloading the container’s contents.

Tall items that exceed the height of a shipping container are best transported in a flat rack shipping container. Flat rack containers are very versatile in that they allow for items to loaded from the side, front, or top of the container. In fact, walls are optional.

We also sell and rent out refrigerated shipping containers. These are perfect for storing and transporting items that need to be kept refrigerated, ensuring the cold chain is maintained. For items that need to be kept at a constant temperature but don’t need refrigeration, we recommend an insulated shipping container.

We have extensive experience manufacturing specialised and modified containers for the mining, construction, and agricultural industries.

Many sites require the use of explosives and other dangerous items. We have dangerous goods shipping containers for sale and hire Australia, which enables these items to be stored safely and ensure you meet all the relevant regulatory requirements.

We manufacture a range of pre-modified shipping containers for sale and hire Australia for use across all kinds of sites. These ready-modified containers enable you to set up a site quickly and efficiently, using affordable yet robust facilities that can be easily moved from site to site. From site offices to accommodation and kitchen facilities, we can provide everything you need.

Any of our shipping containers can be modified to meet your needs and specifications.

If you are purchasing a shipping container, we can modify it according to your requirements. Standard features that can be easily added include items such as additional doors, windows, air conditioning, paint, shelving, etc.

If you have a more ambitious container conversion in mind, we are certainly up to the challenge! From swimming pools to houses and shops, our team can make your dream a reality!

For top quality yet affordable shipping containers for sale and hire Australia, contact us today!

Contacting our team and dealing with us directly means that you will get a high quality shipping containers for sale and hire Australia at very competitive prices. Our expert team has extensive experience in the shipping industry, and can provide useful insight and advice to inform your container choice.

Whether you want to buy one container or many, for transport or conversion, trust the local shipping container experts to provide exactly what you need at a price that you can afford. Contact us for shipping containers for sale and hire Australia.