Shipping containers with side doors are amazingly versatile and come in 20’ and 40’ options. The ideal transportation and storage option, shipping containers with side doors offer ease of access to whatever it is you are transporting or storing.

The Side Doors are a Huge Bonus When Loading or Unloading Your Container

Side opening containers are often used for self-storage because the large opening makes it easy to get to your stored items. Instead of having to sift through all your goods to access the things you have packed in the back of the container, you can open the side doors and quickly see where everything is.

These modified shipping containers with side doors can be used for much more than storage, however. With a wide opening and the high quality timber flooring we build into our containers with side doors, they’re also a popular choice for building projects. We can easily convert a repurposed shipping container with side doors, giving you a functional, secure, and stylish structure you can use for your unique business or personal needs.

While storage and transportation is the norm for side opening containers, there are a lot of other things you can do with them. Here are three container project ideas to inspire you:

Container Cafe

Imagine a pop-up container café modified to suit your exact needs. But one where you can access the entire café via two wonderfully practical side opening doors, allowing you and your staff all the access you need to make your pop-up café function on a daily basis.

Have a great food truck idea to add to the much-loved food truck movement in Australia’s cities? Then Port can help! If you have the drive, passion, and cooking skills, we have the steel container you can use to make your food truck business a success. With the side doors, you’ll have plenty of space to bring in all your cooking equipment and food items. Then, when your food truck is closed for the day, you get the peace of mind knowing your investment is safe and sound within your locked, weatherproof, fire-proof shipping container.

Shipping Container Bars Arts

Much like a container café, a side opening shipping container is perfect for a portable container bar. Ease of access from the side opening doors means you can get your kegs in and out in record time, and that staff can enter an exit as required without everyone having to squeeze down one narrow opening at the end, as with a traditional container.

Shipping Containers with Side Doors for Sale

We have shipping containers with side doors for sale in both 20-foot and 40-foot sizes. Opt for the larger 40-foot container if space is at a premium and opt for the 20-foot container if your storage or transportation needs are slightly more modest.

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