Side Opening High Cube Shipping Containers are the answer to the question you didn’t even know you needed to ask! But if you’re looking for the right size container to store or transport your belongings or goods for your business, then you can’t go past a High Cube container that opens on the side for easy access and all-round versatility. When you need a lot of space and security, you can count on side opening high cube containers to do the job right. You can fit almost anything into these large containers, making them a popular choice for serious storage and shipping. And you also get the peace of mind of a waterproof, solid steel, securely locked storage space.

Available Sizes for Side Opening High Cube Shipping Containers

You’ll benefit from the extra vertical space that comes with high cube steel containers over standard sizes. And, you’ll appreciate the spacious opening of side doors when you are trying to pack and store oversized items like furniture or heavy-duty work tools.

At Port Shipping Containers, we have 20 foot and 40-foot options for side opening high cube shipping containers. Basically, with a high cube container, you get an extra foot of height. And, you still have the durability and strength of a standard shipping container.

When you add up that single foot in height in a 40-foot container, you gain an extra 344 cubic feet of storage space. If you are storing items for your business, this means more room to store stock to sell, or for your equipment, supplies, or other necessary items. In fact, with the wind-proof, watertight construction of a steel container, you can even use your side opening high cube shipping containers to store cleaning chemicals, pesticides, paints, and other potentially hazardous goods safely.

This extra space is also ideal for residential self-storage. Having work done on your house and need to pack away your furniture and other valuables until the contractors are done? You can hire a spacious side opening high cube shipping container for a few dollars a day. This is a hassle-free way to keep your things safe and maintained during a home renovation project.

How Wide Are the High Cube Shipping Container Side Doors?

When moving big items – or simply a lot of things – in and out of a storage space, access is everything. Standard shipping containers or basic high cube containers will give you the room but it is the side door modification found on side opening  that will allow you to quickly store or retrieve your items.

Opening a full 270 degrees, you’ll be able to bring in large or awkwardly-shaped items – the type of stuff you’ll need a few pairs of hands to carry. Even better, you can open those side doors up and see exactly where all your items are instead of having to sift through your things in the back of your container if you only had the traditional front door of a used shipping container.

At Port Shipping Containers, we have modified side opening high cube shipping containers available in different sizes. We can also custom modify your container further if you want features like built-in shelves, ventilation, and anything else. Give our helpful team a call on 1300 957 709 or click here to contact us to learn more.