Sports Club Canteen Containers

Our Sports Club Canteen Containers are bare bone container kiosks built for the budget conscious.

If you are after a secure low cost facility to serve customers at your local sports field then we have the perfect product for you. Our Sports Club Canteen Containers are our entry level kiosks designed to allow our customers to have a practical kiosk structure which they can fit out with there own shelving and appliances.

Our Sports Club Canteen Containers are priced from $16,990 + GST with delivery options available Australia wide. Take a look at the video below to see what or basic Canteen Containers look like.

As you can see in the video it includes the basics of a container kiosk such as a servery window with fold down awning, an internal fold down counter, vents, whirlybird and electical fitout. There is plenty of space to install your own shelving or prep bench, there’s also room to plug in your fridge and sandwich press.

20ft Sports Club Canteen Container Inclusions

  • Built for a 20′ General Purpose NEW BUILD
  • Full Paint (colour of choice from our standard range)
  • 3600mm x 1100mm gas strut operated awning/shutter
  • Fold down counter 3600 x 400
  • Lock box
  • 2 x Vents
  • Whirlybird
  • Electrical fit out
    • A/C Outlet
    • 1 x Double LED light
    • 1 x Light switch
    • 1 x Double GPO
    • 1 x Sub board
    • 1 x RCD
    • 1 x J-Box

Custom Sports Club Canteen Containers

If you like the look of the above Sports Box Canteen Container but would like something tailored to your needs then give us a call. We can add more windows, doors, counters, appliances, insulation, air conditioning, security systems and more. We can build our Canteens out of 10ft, 20ft and 40ft shipping containers, at competitive prices. As we design and modify our containers at our own factories and not over seas like our competitors, we can get you your customised Sports Club Canteen Containers in fast turn-around times. We deliver Australia wide using a range of transport options available to suit your location. For more information please call our friendly sales team on 1300 957 709 or visit our Container Shop page here.

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