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This week Port Shipping Containers finished one of their popular pre-designed accommodation units ‘The Longbeach’. This fantastic unit is made from a 40 foot container and has everything you need with a living and kitchen area with kitchenette, windows with shutters, insulation, door, toilet & shower, and electrical fit out. Completely portable, able to be transported between sites and connected to power and water quickly and easily, The Longbeach container is an ideal choice for sites that require temporary or semi-permanent accommodation on a slightly more luxurious level.

The Longbeach features:

  • All Australian made
  • Fully painted premium grade containers
  • Extensive colour range
  • Electrical and plumbing connections
  • Kitchenette, bedroom, ensuite, living area and storage area
  • Zip hot water
  • Sliding aluminium windows
  • Vinyl or floating floor boards
Longbeach Floor Plan

We also have a smaller version, the 20 foot Pacific design, which is similar to the Longbeach. It is also completely self-contained with kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living area, but comes in a slightly different configuration to suit its more compact size. Or, if you don’t need self-contained accommodation and just need dormitory style or bunked accommodation, take a look at the Kakadu and Station containers. They may be exactly what you need.

You can also add other accessories as you need such as air conditioning, whirlybirds, specialty flooring and much more. See our accessories here.

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