The Ultimate Container Workshop – Newcrest Pty Ltd

Here at Port Shipping Containers we love our workshops! We’ve been developing and creating workshops from way back, but this modification is really something special. It features two sets of bi-fold doors that run along each side of the container. When opened, four heavy duty dropdown work benches can be lowered and locked in place. It also has an industrial grade drill press and grinder mounted inside the container, plus two vices that swivel out and lock into the floor. A secure storage enclosure with a cage door allows valuable equipment to be stored while the workshops doors are open and heavy duty shelving and a peg board give extra space and utility. The container also features a pitched roof with electric awnings that extend and retract at the push of a button. Want a workshop like this? Of course you do! Give us a call and see what kind of workshop we can create for you.

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