Used Shipping Containers are ideal for so many uses; from residential usages like container homes, garden sheds, and self-storage to a range of applications for businesses in just about any field, second hand steel containers have become a staple of both industry and modern architecture. When you are looking for used shipping containers for sale, whether it’s for a craft studio for your backyard or dangerous goods storage for your worksite, it helps to know the story behind these ultra-durable containers so you can get a better idea of just how versatile they can be – and how limitless the possibilities are.

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With Shipping Containers, Second Hand Still Means ‘Like New’

When you get a shipping container for your project or your business, you can’t exactly buy a new container. Newly manufactured containers are only sold or leased in bulk, directly to the shipping lines.

But, the term ‘used’ in the repurposed container market doesn’t mean subpar. It’s just that the shipping containers available for sale outside of the shipping industry have had a trip (or a few) moving goods from port to port. Because they are built to sustain all the world can throw at them – storms, extreme temperatures, heavy loads – the used shipping containers for sale you see for sale are often still in excellent condition.

At Port Shipping Containers, we inspect, clean, refurbish and maintain our containers. We paint them, modify as needed, and make sure they look their best. You also don’t have to worry about what was in your container in the past with us. We won’t sell you a container that held any chemicals, hazardous goods, or anything else that’s considered unsavoury.

The Container Manufacturing Process Is Intense

There are only a handful of shipping container manufacturers worldwide. When you look at the process involved – and imagine the machinery and expensive tooling needed to build a container – you can see that the barrier to entry into container manufacturing is pretty steep.

Most containers are made from corrugated steel, which is rust-proof and weatherproof and is part of the reason shipping containers outlast other materials. The production process starts with huge rolls of steel, which are unrolled and cut into sheets. The metal is then sandblasted and primed, before being corrugated, which boosts the metal’s strength.

Then the container is assembled, with square tubing on top of the walls, floor panels, and doors.

Used Shipping Containers for Sale Come in Different Shapes and Sizes

Port Shipping Containers sells 10-foot, 20-foot, and 40-foot containers, but your options don’t end there. We have different shapes, like high cube containers, which have an extra foot of vertical space, and side door containers, which we modify to allow for easier storage.

We also have a range of pre-modified containers to suit just about every need under the sun, from refrigerated containers to gas cylinder storage. With one of the largest shipping container modification centres in Australia, we are well-equipped – and well experienced – to create whatever you have in mind. Coffee shop, mobile performance stage, worksite office, there really is no limit to the ways we can modify a container.

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