What is the Purpose of a Container?

If you’ve made it this far, you have probably asked yourself what is the purpose of a container? Shipping containers are very versatile, and many people may wonder what is the purpose of a container? We know the historical and traditional use of them, but what you can you do with them today? We’re going to explore many options for shipping containers today.

At Port Shipping Containers, we have a large stock of both new and used shipping containers available, and we offer several sizes and types. You can get ISO containers, worksite containers and specialised or modified shipping containers. If you need them to ship or store your items, we have the shipping container you need.

The age old question of what is the purpose of a container? can be answered very easily. Today, there are dozens of innovative uses for shipping containers that make them immensely popular for both commercial and residential use, and these uses include:

Small Businesses

Specialised shipping containers make excellent small businesses. You can open your first business or expand your business by using shipping containers. Container bars, cafes and shops continue to pop up all over Australia because they’re highly portable, they allow you to go where the crowds are to maximise your sales.


Historically, shipping containers travel by water and land to deliver goods both in and around Australia, as well as internationally. They’re designed to withstand extreme weather conditions without allowing any water to get into your items.


Shipping containers make excellent storage alternatives because they’re rugged, secure and very accessible. You’re able to use them for excess storage for your business, home or while you move. The heavy doors with thick locks work to keep your items safe. 

Mining and Civil Works

The mining and civil works industries have used shipping containers for decades for various reasons. They’re popular for places to store their materials, but they’re also an easy way to ship heavy equipment and they provide an additional area for the staff to relax between shifts. They have also been used to create plug-n-play accomodation container units for miners is provided.

Get Quality Shipping Containers from Port Shipping Containers

You’ll be able to choose from multiple sizes, styles and modifications when you allow Port Shipping Containers’ talented sales team to assist you. We have several non-modified containers available, or you can also choose from modified ones. If you’d like us to add additional accessories to make your shipping container more convenient and easy to use, we can help there too!

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