Used for decades in the shipping industry, containers are now being used across all kinds of industries. There are several reasons why shipping containers are popular…

Versatility is arguably the main reason why shipping containers are popular.

Shipping containers are popular due to their many uses. Manufactured from corten steel, containers are the perfect starting point for all kinds of projects. They can be used as is, modified into all kinds of facilities, and undergo complex customization for the most ambitious projects.

They’re great for farms to store equipment, offices to store supplies, and can even be used for accommodation or business fronts.

Made for journeys at sea, shipping containers are particularly secure and robust.

Sea containers have to be able to withstand a range of extreme weather conditions at sea. They are exposed to the elements, and are therefore designed to endure just that. This robustness and durability makes them ideal storage facilities or ‘building blocks’ for other projects.

In addition, shipping containers are very secure. This is necessary for not only storage facilities, but all kinds of container modifications.

Shipping containers can be stacked on top of each other, making them perfect for transport, storage, and construction.

No matter what you are using a shipping container for, the fact that they can be easily stacked is a great advantage. Lots of containers can be transported simultaneously, safely and securely. Stacking containers for storage and construction projects is a great way to save space.

Containers can be delivered, moved, and removed as needed, so many people use them for other purposes as well.

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