Container Homes

Shipping Containers Mt. Barker

If you reside in the Mt. Barker community and you need a shipping container, you've landed in the right place. For over a decade, Port Shipping Containers Mt. Barker has been hiring and selling shipping containers to a wide variety of happy customers. We cater...

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The Reality of Building and Living in Shipping Container Homes

There are many reasons why Australians opt for buying shipping container homes. Low cost and fast build, in comparison to conventional housing construction techniques, are two of the most common motivations stated by buyers. But what are the realities behind the recent shipping container architecture...

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Shipping Container Architecture Increasingly Popular in Australia

Shipping container architecture may seem like old news to many, but the fact is that the ‘cargotecture’ phenomenon is increasingly popular with Australian buyers across all six states, who are looking for an alternative and affordable approach to home owning. They can be thrown up...

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Tips on Building Container Homes

Top 5 Tips for Building Your Next Container Home

Are you thinking about building a container home? If so you're not alone, using shipping containers for building container homes has become quite a trend over the last decade. Port are Australia's leading shipping container company, and we would like to share a few DIY...

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Storage Container Conversions

Shipping containers are ideal for transporting or storing goods, and most people know of there existence and purpose, but what about shipping container conversions? Shipping container companies have had shipping containers for sale and hire for many years, but have just started experimenting in new...

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Incredible Range of Shipping Containers Puts Port Ahead

Whether you are after shipping containers for sale or hire, we produce the best range of shipping containers Australia has to offer! Port Shipping Containers have an astounding range of containers to suit every possible requirement. Our standard shipping containers are available in three sizes: 10', 20'...

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40ft Flat Rack Shipping Container Sale

We have a number of 40ft (12m) Flat Rack Containers with collapsible ends with our 40ft Flat Rack Shipping Container Sale. These containers have been modified with there end walls removed so oversized cargo can be stored or transported. The corner posts remain and can...

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Sea Containers

Our sea containers are ideal for storage and transport purposes. With a wide range of sea container available, we can deliver a sea container to your door with next day delivery. Our sea containers are build from high quality steel components, so you know our...

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Mining Shipping Container Accommodation

Our shipping container accommodations are the ideal solution for temporary housing at mining camps and are a cost effective way to accommodate employees on-site close to the construction site. Our mining camps consist of a range custom designed accommodation containers that are built to last...

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Station Shipping Container Accommodation

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Shipping Container Accommodation - The Station The ‘Station’ shipping container accommodation is a step up from our Kakadu shipping container, a 40 foot container divided into 4 rooms, perfect for large camps and big projects. Super strong and practical, it can be installed quickly and easily...

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