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Mining Camps

Conditions can be extreme in a mining worksite, and any sort of equipment needs to stand up to the rigours of bumpy terrain, long distances, constant moves and severe weather conditions. The solution? Shipping container accommodation. Port Shipping Containers offer a range of accommodation shipping containers that are perfect for mining camps.

It is ironic that a container that was initially designed to withstand the wild conditions of a sea voyage could become so popular as an accommodation container in harsh inland climates, but shipping containers are indeed a versatile breed, and their portable and sturdy nature makes them the ideal candidate to withstand the rigours of a mining camp.

Completely Portable

Along with their strong and rugged nature, the real beauty of shipping container accommodation is, of course, its portable and transportable nature. Being able to ship accommodation in and out of temporary mine sites has been a boon for the mining industry – indeed, any industry where on-site temporary accommodation is required. Their modular and stackable nature adds an extra level of convenience, especially where space is a concern.

Save on Expensive Rents and Transport Costs

Housing your workers close onsite also solves the logistics problem of transporting large numbers of workers. It can solve a number of other problems too, including the administration and expense involved in renting houses, motels, pubs and caravan parks, not to mention the very real problem of no vacancies anywhere in town, and escalating costs when demand exceeds supply.

Ideal for Student Housing, Farms, Holiday Accommodation and More

Of course our accommodation containers are not just for mining camps. Student housing, holiday accommodation, farms with seasonal workers and properties with wwoofers can benefit from shipping container accommodation as well.

Huge Range, with Fast Delivery Direct to Your Site

Need accommodation in a hurry? We have a depots all around Australia, so one of our pre-fabricated shipping container accommodation units can be with you in a matter of days. Our mining accommodation containers are built to last and come in a range of sizes and layouts. From single cabin to dormitory style, with or without bathrooms and kitchenettes, there’s an accommodation type or style to suit your requirements.

Or Customise to Suit You

If you prefer, we can custom-build your shipping container accommodation, or add a range of accessories to suit your specific requirements. Port Shipping Containers is 100% Australian-owned, and all our containers come with a money back guarantee. If you’re looking for practical, comfortable, low-maintenance, cost-effective accommodation for your mining camp, a Port Shipping Containers mining accommodation container is for you.

All of our accommodation containers are:

  • Australian made
  • Fully painted premium grade containers
  • Available in a large colour range.
  • Fitted with easy plumbing and electrical connections
  • Perfect for a range of accommodation needs
  • Available as ready plans or custom designed

A large accessory range includes:

  • Kitchenette
  • Ensuite
  • Air conditioner
  • Variety of doors and windows
  • Vinyl flooring or floating floor boards

A full list of our accessories can be found here.

Here’s our range of pre-designed Shipping Container Homes:

The Pacific - Accommodation Container
The Pacific – Accommodation Container

The Kakadu - Accommodation Container
The Kakadu – Accommodation Container

The Longbeach 2 - Accommodation Container
The Longbeach – Accommodation Container

The Station - Accommodation Container
The Station – Accommodation Container

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