New Container Cabin Design

The mining and construction industries have long recognised the utility and convenience of shipping container accommodation, but savvy members of the general public are beginning to realise the value and convenience of these little gems as well. And we are thrilled to introduce this new affordable and compact shipping container cabin.

Ideal for Your Country Property

Got a property, and want an extra guestroom or room for a wwoofer or two? This is a perfect choice. Bought a block of land that you’re going to build on eventually? Make the most of it with your own self-contained shipping container cabin until you do. It certainly beats a tent or campervan! Renovating, building or extending? You can make your life so much easier with this compact and practical container.

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Perfect for Residential As Well

You don’t even need a big property to take advantage of a shipping container cabin. This smart little container in your backyard will make your life easy in loads of ways. Find yourself hosting a load of people your kids have met overseas who’ve looked you up now they’re in Australia? Get one of these and save your sanity. Though you might find it’s a little TOO comfortable for them…perhaps a strict time limit before you start charging rent should help there. Kids fighting because they want their own room? This is definitely a cheaper option than extensions (though they’ll still fight about who gets this room!)

Practical and Affordable

This shipping container cabin is particularly appealing, because it’s practical, comfortable, portable, secure – and incredibly affordable. Take a look. Converted from a brand new general purpose shipping container, it’s double insulated with an internally fitted 50mm sandwich panel and external cladded Forever Boards. Accessories include electrical fitout, security door and window, air-conditioning, kitchenette, Zip hot water system, ensuite, and vinyl flooring. It looks small and compact on the outside, but it still manages to feel spacious and comfortable on the inside.

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Container Cabin Specifications

  • Constructed from 20’ brand new general purpose shipping container
  • Personnel door with flush lock handle
  • Window with gas strut shutter and roller blind
  • Fully insulated
  • Electrical fitout (call for detailed electrical inclusions)
  • Australian made
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Large Accessory Range

  • Kitchenette
  • 50L hot water system or Zip hot water unit
  • Vinyl flooring
  • Recessed air conditioner
  • Bathroom with wall partition & sliding door (Bathroom includes shower, toilet, basin, towel rail and toilet roll holder)

For a full list of accessories, check out our container accessories page.

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Can’t Wait to Get Hold of Your New Shipping Container Cabin?

If you’re looking for a low cost accommodation solution for your property then our new shipping container cabin is the ideal choice. Easily transported, easily installed and just as easily removed when you don’t need it any more, it’s the perfect low-cost temporary or permanent solution to your extra accommodation needs. Ordering is easy. Just give us a call on 1300 957 709 or fill in our easy to use instant quote form and we can arrange everything for you.

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