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Shipping Container Pools


Container Pools for Sale

Port Shipping Containers are the leaders in Shipping Container Pools for sale, and love nothing better than building and supplying quality built 20′ (6m) and 40′ (12m) Shipping Container Pools, Australia Wide.

Above Ground Container Swimming Pools

Deciding on an above ground shipping container pool is the best decision you can make, as it will save a whole lot of time (and money!) because your new above ground container pool will be delivered as a complete product, with little more to do than filling it up with water and hopping in. No having to suffer through weeks or months where your backyard looks like a construction site! Just pick a spot for the container pool and voila, the job is done!

Australia’s Premiere Shipping Container Pool Supplier

Being Australia’s leading shipping container manufacturers, our container pools are made entirely of high-quality steel, and their robust assembly creates a much stronger and durable structure than the typical above ground fibreglass pools (which naturally have a much shorter ‘shelf life’).

Get Pool Windows on Your Container Pool!

As our Shipping Container Pools are not designed with an inner fibreglass shell, our all-steel construction allows us to install optional viewing windows into the side walls of the pool. This is an amazingly beautiful feature that is guaranteed to impress anyone who comes around your place for a swim on a hot summer’s day. We have three pool window sizes available and we can position them wherever you’d like in the walls of the container. Our Container Pools are fabricated from the ground up; which means one container, one pool. Whereas our competitors cut a container in half to create two container pools to save money. Unfortunately this only gives you the customer a maximum depth of 1400mm. We use one shipping container per pool and offer a depth of 1600mm standard which we can increase or decrease based on your needs. This way you get the container pool YOU want.


Intelligent Container Pool Design for Safety and Convenience

Our container pools have a beautiful deck with both stairs and a child safety door. The robust filtration system is housed underneath the deck and is easily accessible through the original shipping container door (which is lockable, so the kids don’t sneak under there when you’re not looking!).

All Steel Above Ground Pool – Built with Strength in Mind!

At Port Shipping Containers we wanted to stay away from using a standard fiberglass shell which are usually dropped into half a shipping container. That’s why Port stands out amongst our competitors as we have the ability to customise and modify a container as we see fit, to provide exactly what the client wants. If we were to use a fiberglass shell, we naturally couldn’t do that.

The internal walls of our shipping container pool is lined with a waterproofing membrane and has a practical design with wide steps and comfy benches, as well as boasting a stylish customisable ledge around the perimeter which starts from the deck and runs the full length of the shipping container pool. So both you and the little ones can enjoy a swim on a hot summer’s day in style.


Container Swimming Pool Safety

Getting into your purpose built container pool is easy and safe. After entering through the child-safety door you walk up the beautifully constructed wooden stairs to a secure landing area that allows for easy access into the swimming pool itself.

For convenience, the container pool’s filtration system lives below the stairs and deck with some extra storage space as shown below.

shipping container pool

Above Ground Container Pools That Last for Years

The exterior of your container pool is super strong marine grade corten steel. And you wouldn’t want it any other way, as this is the part that supports everything. But the interior of course has to add that touch of luxury. Which is why we custom built the steps and bench seats out of steel, then coat them in a heavy duty waterproofing membrane to prevent any rust or erosion.

Australian Made Container Pools – Your Guarantee of Quality

Port Shipping Containers only use the best waterproofing membranes and external enamel paints to give you the most visually appealing above ground container pool on the market. Our shipping container pools have only the finest shipping container architecture underpinning the design. Plus the materials we use have all been tested to ensure they can handle Australia’s notoriously hot sun, and also to resist the harsh effects of any chemical corrosion. This results in an above ground pool that will retain the vibrant aquatic colour you want.

Container Pool Warranty

Port Shipping Containers use super durable Greystone Composite Decking, as its resistant to the toughest weather conditions. Something that makes it a great, low maintenance alternative to conventional timber. Which means you’ll save significant time and money with the pool’s up-keep.

Not that you need to worry yourself too much about that, given our Container Pools come with a 10 year warranty.

Container Swimming Pool Prices

Our Base Model PORT_POOL has everything you need to start your summer with a bang! Even though it’s our entry level design, it still features all the high-quality components required to have a dependable pool that is robust and removable. This unit features a glass safety door, chlorine pump and filtration system, bench seating, timber platform with stainless steel handrail, pool jets and pool light. Optional upgrades available.

Container Pool Features:

  • Built from New Build GP Container: 2 sizes available.
  • Port’s 3 coat container specific protective paint system.
  • 1st Coat – Full cover epoxy protection
  • 2nd Coat – Anti-corrosive metal prime
  • 3rd Coat – Marine grade enamel top coat in colour of choice
  • Remove container top & fit new 200×100 RHS top rail (4mm)
  • Underwater bench seats/entry steps (jet penetrations), & steel plate shell lining.
  • Pump / filter system
  • Astral E Series Pump 1.0hp, 21” Sand Filter, Skimmer Box, Transformer, Glass (x6) and Plumbing.
  • Pump electrics, & power supply.
  • Greystone composite decking, stair treads, gal stringers, & stainless handrail.
  • Ports unique waterproof pool membrane.

Container Pool Upgrades:


  • SALTWATER UPGRADE – Astral SALT Chlorinator, E Series Pump 1.0hp, 21” Sand Filter, Skimmer Box, Transformer, Glass (x6) and Plumbing.
  • MINERAL UPGRADE – Astral MINERAL SALT Chlorinator, E Series Pump 1.0hp, 21” Sand Filter, Skimmer Box, Transformer, Glass (x6) and Plumbing.

Container Pool Windows:

Add an underwater Port_Window – standard sizes available:

  • Option A: 400 x 400
  • Option B: 1200 x 600
  • Option C: 1800 x 900

Remote Controlled and Programmable LED Underwater Pool Lights

  • IRIS Remote Control Light System (smart control technology)

Pool Heating:

  • 5kw Heat Pump – for 20ft Pool
  • 10kw Heat Pump – for 40ft Pool

Container Pool Spa Upgrade

  • 6 x Eyeball Spa Jets W/ Air Switch Controller, Blower Pump, & Additional Plumbing/Consumables


  • Davey Hurricane H300m Swim Jet Pump

Pool Cleaner

  • Dolphin Swash Robotic Cleaner

Port_Pool Blanket

  • Diamond Bubble Pool Blanket 400 microns – 6m Pool
  • Diamond Bubble Pool Blanket 400 microns – 12M Pool

For more information please call our friendly sales department on 1300 957 709.

Remember, with a Port Shipping Container Pool, it’s summer all year round!

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Fill in the below form to receive our product fact sheet and quote. Or call us on 1300 957 709.

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