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Shipping Containers Launceston

At Port Shipping Containers Launceston, we work with business owners and residents in the area to meet their container needs. As a creative team, we’re open to your ideas when it comes to customisation. With new and used containers available for purchase and hire, we also have ways of working within your budget.

At Port Shipping Containers, our container sizes include 10′, 20′ & 40′. In addition to high quality containers featuring sturdy steel exteriors that protect your goods from the rain, Launceston Shipping Containers also benefit from timber flooring as standard. For ease of access, we provide full 270 degree openings, as well as double doors and ramps. Shipping Containers Launceston can further customise your containers with options including:

  • Additional doors
  • Paintwork of your choice, inside and out
  • Heavy duty shelving
  • A lock box for keeping goods and cash safe
  • Air vents, making them suitable for work and living purposes

Taking A Creative Approach To Launceston Shipping Containers

While there was once a time when we used shipping containers for sending goods from one place to another, today they’re suitable for a range of purposes. If you’re running a business in the Launceston area, you’ll probably know how hard it is to get a temporary office. Whether you’re taking on new staff or you want a portable workshop, our containers are ideal for customising and transforming into your ideal workspace.

Other ways you can use our shipping containers include:

  • Create a pop-up cafe or store
  • Use them as sound barriers
  • Turn them into a portable form of advertising
  • Create a studio for showcasing artwork
  • Temporarily store seasonal stock

If you have an idea in mind and you’re not sure whether a shipping container is right for you, get in touch with us.

Creating Your Dream Home With Shipping Containers Launceston

As life goes on, many of us need a little extra room to accommodate changes. Whether you’re in need of a garden storage space or you would like to create a personal gym, our Launceston Shipping Containers are ideal. As we provide rental and purchase options, you can even give your idea a try before committing to it fully.

As we can add ventilation and extra doors to each container, you can use them as an office, play area, or small living space. Whatever your ideas are, we want to hear them. Just contact a member of our friendly Shipping Containers Launceston team for more information.

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