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Site Sheds

One of the most common uses for shipping containers – apart from actually shipping goods – is a site shed. The construction and mining industries discovered pretty quickly the benefits of having a portable shed or office that could be shipped in and out of new sites whenever required, and they have become popular with many industries.

Let’s face it, piles of paperwork, crucial plans and critical documents piled up in the back seat of the car or in the footwell of the ute are not conducive to a well-operated site! Secure storage of expensive or sensitive equipment is also often required and computers, printers, phones, faxes and meetings all need a place where they can be held on site. A portable site shed or office is an essential feature of a well-run site and a site office or shed is often one of the first items that gets shipped into a site.

Purpose Built Site Sheds

At Port Shipping Containers, we supply purpose-built site sheds for sale, with a range of optional accessories that you can add to create a site shed specific to your needs. Accessories include air-conditioning, ventilation, insulation, a lockable store room, personnel doors, heavy duty locks, windows and shutters, electricity, phone, data and plumbing fitouts. You can view a full list of our site shed accessories here.

Customised Site Sheds

Need something a little out of the ordinary? Want a site shed with accessories not on the list? That’s easy too. We can customise your site shed or office to your specific purposes – just tell us what you need, and we can arrange it for you. We have the biggest container conversion factory in Australia, and our engineers are experts at creating out-of-the-box solutions for all your site office or site shed needs.

A Shed for the Back Yard? Of Course!

The most popular place for a shed is, of course, in the back yard of hundreds of ordinary people. If you’ve been thinking of getting a back yard shed, you might like to consider a shipping container. You’ll be surprised at how easy (and how cost effective) a shipping container shed can be.

Container Shelters for Large Goods

If you need a large shed to house equipment or goods, a portable container shelter is another option that you need to know about. These can be mounted on top of two shipping containers to create a high-domed shelter over the space in between the two containers – a secure and sturdy shelter that can protect even the largest machinery. End walls can also be supplied, and standalone shelters are also available. It’s a great way to get all the benefits of a large shed, but at a considerably lesser price. Once the job is finished, your shed can be packed up and easily taken away.

Site Shed Specifications

Our site sheds are:

  • All Australian made
  • Safe and secure
  • Transportable / relocatable
  • Easily expanded – simply add additional containers
  • Wind and water proof
  • Ideal for construction sites

Accessories include:

  • Electricity fitout
  • Data fitout
  • Phone fitout
  • Air conditioning
  • Side door access
  • Security windows and shutters
  • A range of security doors
  • Lockable store room

Get Your Site Shed From The Experts

If you need a site shed, Port Shipping Containers is the place to get it from. To organise your site shed, fill out our quote form or call one of our friendly sales team on 1300 957 709. They’ll be able to answer any questions that you may have about our high quality site sheds, and organise all the details for you.

Site Shed Container Photo Gallery

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