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Customer Delivery Details

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Thank you for enquiring about our shipping container products. To get you a formal quote, we will need to know your delivery details and some information about site access. Please fill in the below form and we will organise a quote for you as soon as we can. Alternatively you can call our sales department on 1300 957 709.



Things to Consider

Site Access
It is important to consider whether there will be any obstacles that may interfere with your shipping container delivery. Low tree branches, house eaves, power lines, narrow driveways, gates and boggy ground will all need to be considered. There are also space requirements that will need to be discussed before delivery of your shipping container, so an accurate measurement of the area where you want your shipping container to be placed is a good idea. More details on this can be found here.

Site Preparation
A level surface is necessary for the placement of your container. If the container is sited on uneven ground, the walls can buckle or twist and result in the container doors becoming unaligned, making them difficult to open and close. Drainage is another important consideration when placing your container. We recommend having the container raised slightly with chocks to allow ventilation underneath and avoid moisture settling beneath your container. An alternative would be to site the container on a bed of gravel, which will encourage draining. Shipping containers are designed to be wind and water tight, but proper drainage and ventilation is required when being used as storage. These considerations will ensure your shipping container is maintained in good condition, and will continue to protect your goods in storage for many years to come.