Port Shipping Containers supply Refrigerated Shipping Containers in a range of conditions. These include New Containers and Used Containers with optional refurbishment. We also sell Non Operational Refrigerated Shipping Containers (NORs) which are classed as insulated containers. These are sold in Used condition with optional paint respray.

Below you can find some example images detailing the condition of these container grades.

Used Condition | Refrigerated Container Conditions

These containers are generally 8-12 years old. No two containers will gate out in the same in condition, and some are better than others.

These units are guaranteed wind and water tight, structurally sound, and the doors will be operational secure and lockable. But cosmetically, these containers ‘may’ have such issues as surface rust, dents and dings, slightly bent door rods and corrosion.

These containers are lifted down from the stack, surveyed to ensure they are wind and water tight and free of dunnage. For Refrigerated units, they are tested to make sure they are operational.

Refurbished Units

We can also refurbish our used insulated and refrigerated units for you if requested. We can remove all the surface rust and respray it to a colour of your choice.

They are prepared for paint by having any surface rust, cargo marks and any loose container decaling (that may be present) removed with a wire brush or flap disk.

The container is then painted in an industrial enamel (marine grade) paint externally. We do not remove the original shipping lines decaling prior to paint.

The paint applied is a cosmetic coat of paint only, to assist in the container fitting in aesthetically with the environment in which you are positioning it.

New Units

We can also supply brand new (single trip) units direct from the manufacture. These units are in perfect working order.
News build containers will be in survey for you to rail or ship for a minimum 4 years from date of purchase.
New Builds require minimal maintenance, and are aesthetically suitable for storage in almost any location.

New Build Refrigerated Container

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